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A Sneak Peek of 'Hot for Nature' by Christine Das


Flock Together - Birds seeking shelter in the trees, the sanctuary of life

Pathway #5 - That night, that windy road and the illuminated hope

“What style is this?” I finally asked her, couldn’t place my finger on it.

She smiled.

“Someone told me that this is called ‘stylized’.” she replied, gazing back at her work.

“But?” I have to ask.

“It is not exactly how a stylized art should look like.” She stroked her chin.

“Isn’t that minimalist approach like it should be, right?” I wondered.

The mini gathering

Christine & Hazel Archibald from Creative Catholics blogger

Christine Das & Dave Avran, One Media Publishing

That is when I met Christine Das who started painting at 2007, at a quiet little shop called The Tea Republic in a stormy afternoon. Along with a few friends, she shared about her upcoming solo exhibition, “Hot for Nature” at MATIC Art Gallery throughout the month of September.

It is an expression of nature consists of mainly trees, with thick borders and strong texture on the paint. “I always like the stain glass in churches; they are inspirations, where I started.” She said.

And it made so much sense, yet it isn’t close enough.

I look over to one of the art that stood out from the rest. It is of gloomy shade, unlike the dramatic and daring colours used on others which she demonstrated as a celebration of life.

“Something happened?” I asked, pointing at Pathway #5 which she painted on 2011.

She nodded. Just like a visual dairy, the art had become reflections of time for Christine. For a person who embraces and celebrates life created by the Creator, this is exactly the bridge that establishes the connection between human and nature.

“I guess this is the Christine Style.” The light bulb moment of hers.

“I have absolutely no objections to that.” I smiled back.

Editor's Note :

This intriguing piece of interview is contributed by a dear friend of mine, Shawn who is a writer/blogger and is an art enthusiast too.

By the way, remember to catch up with Christine Das's upcoming solo exhibition at MATIC from 3rd September 2012! For further info, browse through ArtMalaysia's Exhibition Highlights....see you there! 

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