Art Talk

Indeterminism - New Paintings by Tunku Tommy Mansur and Drew Harris
By Swee Chin PAN


8 PM
@ Pace Gallery
It was a busy evening. Both artists were in attendance together with their well-wishers, friends and family. Pace was packed and many were there for the very first time, which is excellent exposure for my neighbourhood gallery.
The title for this exhibition is Indeterminism. describes it as a Philosophy doctrine that human actions, though influenced somewhat by pre-existing psychological and other conditions, are not entirely governed by them, but retain a certain freedom and spontaneity.
Looking at both the artists’ works, it is quite an apt description. I see lots of freedom in these abstract pieces of art in terms of colour, the medium used, styles, design...

Tommy is a relatively new kid on the block. He paints when his job as a production designer for films allows him to. This is his first major show as previously, he never produced enough paintings to put an exhibition together. The few pieces he manages to produce invariably gets snapped up by friends. If not for his mentor, Drew Harris, being instrumental in kicking him in the butt, he would not have gotten his act together and produced sufficient works for showing! Here he is pictured with his favourite piece, Abstract Series – Purple. This is one of his earlier pieces inspired by cave drawings/paintings in Perak. He loved the colours on the rock, and he wanted to recreate them. The layering and ageing process on canvas has become his signature. 

Drew, a Canadian by birth, on the other hand is an established artist with over thirty years behind him. He tells me that he is still uses the same techniques but the concept now is different. It was the weather that influenced him then, now it is the community. To quote from his artist statement: …In this series of works I have chosen to fragment the final works into compositions of their own, relying primarily on the communication that each painting receives in the form of their contact with one another. Each work in the composition is one small part of a larger community, and like the human community… an energy prevails, a support network in order that the message, which each canvas is responsible in part for, is in fact, for the greater good of the final painting. There was no hesitation when asked as to which was his favourite – the one which started this community series, Interconnected #1.

Elisa Tajuddin, Sharifah Mazwari & Khaliah Ismail

Illyaz, Ernest, Gordon & Eddie

James Chong & Cynthia Shoba

LH Gan, Sam Yap & Paul Lim

Pasree Lee, Grace Chong & Nina Mansur

Rozz, Firdaus Hanan & Sharil Supi

Ruth Fearon & Edward Hyde

Siew Ying, Yusof & Haffendi

Suraya, Alwizah, Tina & Eva

TL Khoo & Christy
 Hairie Yusof, Jim Redmond & Tommy

The exhibition is on until 13 Oct 2013. Don’t forget to go upstairs as five of Tommy’s works, including his favourite, are hanging there. Enjoy!
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