Art Talk

Episode 2 - Creating Colors of Cambodia
By Martin Bradley

Honey is on the phone. She gathers a host of people to her. We are all to fly out to Cambodia in March, for a week. Photographers, Honey, two artists, and I are to descend upon Cambodia to squeeze it dry of images and information about the children’s project run by Colors of Cambodia, project leader Bill Gentry.

A book, to be sold at the Colors of Cambodia exhibition, is being prepared. Bill (Gentry) wants to meet up and talk about the book, see where it fits into the project, and how it will look. Honey and I have to journey down to Singapore to meet a tired Bill, who will just have arrived back from overseas. She is desperately trying to get some pages together to show Bill. Honey has to flush out some thoughts and make them flesh in readiness, as well as coordinate the rest of the show.

The big computer is switched on. In-design is a-buzzing with ideas, shapes, and sizes, will Honey meet her self-imposed deadline, can she impress Bill enough for him to sanction the project – she will have to wait and see. Singapore awaits, tension mounts and the Merlion flashes a fishy tail.

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