Art Talk

The Young Contempo Auction
By Swee Chin PAN


8 PM

It was a stormy Friday night and I was glad that the brunt of it happened after I was safely parked. Many patrons of eateries had to seek shelter indoors as the wind and the rain were quite relentless! Good thing I was early.

There is a total of 35 works for auction by 33 artists. Two of the artists, namely Najib Ahmad Bamadhaj and Haslin Ismail, each have two of their artworks up for auction. The other artists are: Ali Azraei Bebit, Ch'ng Kiah Kiean, Cheng Yen Pheng, C.K. Koh, Donald Abraham, Fadly Sabran, Fauzul Yusri, Gan Chin Lee, Louise Low Seok Loo, Loke Kerk Huang, M Shafarin Ghani, Mat Ali Mat Som, MeMe (Khairul Azmir Shoib), Meor Saifullah Lulaed, Mior Rizzuan Rosli, Mohamed Razif bin Mohamed Zakaria, Poodien (Shaifuddin Mamat), Raduan Man, Renny Chong, Roslisham Ismail (Ise), Rozana Musa, Ruzzeki Harris, Saiful Razman, Samsuddin Lappo, Shafiq Ali’am, Siund Tan, Stephen Menon, Tan Chee Hon, Tang Yeok Khang, Wong Chee Meng, and Zuraimi Rahim.
However, only two of these artists were present. One did not want to be photographed, I shall not mention names…and the other is Louise Low Seok Loo. Here she is with her Mystical Serenity.

There was a fair crowd present that evening. One of Argentina’s artists, Gustavo Charif, here to exhibit his works at the Art Expo happening this weekend, was present together with his country’s booth’s curator, Antoine Fremon, the Managing Director of Fuman Art.

The only well-known established artist I could spot that night was Ahmad Zakii Anwar…I wonder where the others were…was there something else on that night?

Shielynn & Ooi Tee Ching

Bingley Sim & Shaik Rizal

David Leong with his daughters, Kimberly (in black) & Michelle

Dr. Melissa Foo & Yin Mei

Gary Lim & LimTong Juan

Khoo Hsien Huey, Antoine Fremon & Gustavo Charif

Nik Fahmee, Ahmad Zakii Anwar & Ambassador Dato' N Parameswaran

 Scarlette Lee, Cheryl Loke-Shahran & Sharmin

Haafiz Shahimi gave a demonstration of his ‘action painting’ and it was good to see him again – I had first seen him perform at NN Gallery in April 2012. His painting with silat (traditional martial art) moves and actions are always a joy to watch. I just love it when the audience gasps when he throws himself onto the ground at the penultimate moments of his performance!

Back to the artworks…You really do not have much time to view them as the auction is on this Saturday, 29 September 2012. And they have also been moved from the Black Box and will be available for viewing from Thursday, 27 September at the Art Expo itself. For more information please visit:

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