Art Talk

Episode 14 - Creating Colors of Cambodia
By Martin Bradley

There was a definite spring in the well-toned step of Ms Honey Khor, as she bounced into the room and announced – ‘I’ve done it. Yippee. I’ve done it - well, we’ve done it really’. And what had Ms Honey Khor done? She had managed to raise the entire amount of cash needed to print the book – A Story of Colors of Cambodia.

It had been a seven month haul of pleading and cajoling, urging people to part with their hard-earned money, to support the crazy endeavour of a book about a children’s charity aimed at Cambodia. Nevertheless it was congratulations all round – she had done it, and it was slap on the back time and a small, very small, celebratory dinner – consisting of a bowl of watery noodles shared by two.

Time waits for no woman and Honey is no laggard letting moss grow between her toes. So, no sooner had Honey lightened our lives with her news than she was off again. That, now rapidly aging, black SUV sped around Malaysian suburbia taking our heroine to yet more meetings – this time to finalise both the book itself, and the launch of the book – due on 14th October this year.

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