Art Talk

Episode 10 - Creating Colors of Cambodia
By Martin Bradley

No sooner had the industrious Honey Khor begun her teacher and pupil interviews and nosed about fact finding in the town of Siem reap, Cambodia, the Colors of Cambodia gallery, the needy schools and the orphanages, than it was over. That week seemed to race like a well deserved break from the manic hustle-bustle which had become Honey’s life in suburbia. Though truth to tell she was just as hard working in Cambodia as she ever was in Kuala Lumpur - but her smiles seemed bigger, brighter and more expansive somehow.

The last minute interviews for the impending book were completed. Last minute purchasing of small items to carry home were undertaken and, with a tear or three in her small brown eyes, Honey had to bid farewell to the team and children at the Colors of Cambodia gallery.

Now the work was to begin in earnest. There were thousands of carefully taken photographs to collate, taped interviews to listen to and the momentous task ahead of bringing the physical book to fruition.
Honey waited at the airport. Sadness and diligence chased around her head as she checked her boarding pass, her passport and readjusted her mind set to suburbia.


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