Art Talk

Part 1: Nik Zainal Abidin - Malaysia
By Swee Chin PAN


8 PM
@ Interpr8 Art Space
What a great way to start my first art blog for the year with a new art space’s inaugural exhibition!

I was excited to hear about Ambassador Dato’ N Parameswaran’s gallery. To my knowledge, he is the first art collector to publicly showcase and sell part of his personal collection. He has 3000 over pieces amassed during his 27 years of collecting! His family affectionately calls him a hoarder as he has kept most of the pieces under mothballs in crates and warehouses! His family has not even seen most of the 60 pieces on display here! Yes, and this is only Part 1 of Dato’s collection of Nik Zainal Abidin’s works.

 Sharmin, Charmain & Dato'

We, at ArtMalaysia, are very pleased that Dato’ has decided to open Interpr8 Art Space and the story of how it came about is a lovely one. It’s all Nani Kahar and Peter Kiernan’s faults! Dato’ initially rented the space to store his art collection but Nani and Peter convinced him to use the space as an art gallery instead and be a part of the plethora of art galleries at Publika. There are now 13 art galleries and Publika is indeed slowly realizing their vision of becoming Kuala Lumpur’s prime arts and culture centre.

Nani Kahar introducing Dato' & Sharmin
I must admit, Nik Zainal is a stranger to me but I have always been fascinated by the ancient artform of wayang kulit (shadow puppets play) and their stories. The works of this self-taught artist from Kelantan are indeed distinctive, the water colours and oils are so detailed and I love the colours on some of the works! Here is Dato’ with his favourite piece in this exhibition, Puja Pantai, which shows Kelantan’s twelve ancient arts – love the spiritual hands playing the instruments!

Datuk Ramli Ibrahim of Sutra, officially opened the exhibition and besides family and friends, gallery owners, artists and collectors came to show support. Those there include S Jamal Al-Idrus and UC Loh from Artemis Art, Yusof Majid from Pace Gallery, Raja Ahmad for RA Fine Arts; collectors Prof Dr Krishna Gopal and Kamla Rampal, Datuk Rosaline Ganendra, Pakhruddin and Fatimah Sulaiman, Dr Steve Wong and Rosemary, and Yee Tak Hong.

Datuk Ramli Ibrahim

Souvenir for Datuk Ramli

We certainly look forward to Part II of Nik Zainal’s exhibition later in the year and to Dato’s future exhibitions of his extensive collection of Malaysian and Southeast Asian art. You have until 8 June 2013 to catch Nik Zainal – the exhibition is more than wayang kulit, there are figurative, landscape, cravings and sketches on show of this very talented artist who left us way too soon.
Pakhruddin, Yee, Dato' & Dr. Rampal

Dr. Shankar & Dr. Ronald

Nirmala Karuppiah & Sarah Vogeler

Ruzaimah, Jaafar Ismail & Raja Ahmad


Sara Vogeler, Michel Anthony, Johnny Wong & Fatimah Sulaiman

Virginia Kennedy, Peter Kiernan & Abby Lo

Yusof Majid & Suraya Yaacob

Jamal & UC

Michel Anthony, Angie Goh, Ramli & Chen Ce-Cile

Nani Kahar, Ramlan Abdullah, Dr & Mrs Rampal
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