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Animals Kingdom Charity Art Exhibition

My feelings of viewing the paintings and works exhibited recently in the Animals’ Kingdom Charity Art Exhibition was like reading Aesop's famous fables, featuring many familiar creatures both love and feared. As the stories effectively waive the human and animals relationships in such brevity, capturing my imagination and heart. This unique art exhibition and its art pieces indeed breathe a freshness of innocence and plea for mutual conversation with them. 

Presenting art catalogue to YB Dato' Seri Mohamed Nazri, Minister of Tourism and Culture Malaysia

Opening speech by Minister

Support from local and foreign artsts

Young artist Delwin presenting his art to the Minister


Artist Allen presenting his creation to Minister


Group photo of participating artists with Minister

Cultural song by group performance from Perak

Most of the art exhibitions tend to promote art pieces according to the professional level of the artist. But I was pleasantly surprised that among all the participating artists at the Animal’ Kingdom Charity Art Exhibition stand the well-known budding artist, young and silver hair artist as well as local and foreign artists. Nevertheless, this unique exhibition has provided space for all artists, together with general public in conversation with animals and creatures great and small. 

Artist Alice 

Artist Aloysius Yapp

Artist Datuk Abdul Rahman Rahim

Artist Elnas Rostami

Artist Ethen Ng

Artist Fauziah Haji Yahaya

Artist Felicia Loh

Artist Grace Jin and I 

Artist Jia Xing

Artist Jin Ok Sook from Korea

Artist Mohd. Yusof

Artist Simin Pezeshki

Artist Suzi Chua

Grace and Allen

Gathering of artists from Iran & Iraq

Now, if only they could talk, what would these creatures say through the paintings to you and me, I wonder.       

A boy in conversation 

In conversation with a family of water buffalos

In conversation with a horse

In conversation with a tiger

In conversation with mother orang utan and her kid

The Beautiful Animal
By Geoffrey Brock
    By the time I recalled that it is also
    terrifying, we had gone too far into
    the charmed woods to return. It was then
    the beautiful animal appeared in our path:
    ribs jutting, moon-fed eyes moving
    from me to you and back. If we show
    none of the fear, it may tire of waiting
    for the triggering flight, it may ask only
    to lie between us and sleep, fur warm
    on our skin, breath sweet on our necks
    as it dreams of slaughter, as we dream
    alternately of feeding and taming it
    and of being the first to run. The woods
    close tight around us, lying nested here
    like spoons in a drawer of knives, to see
    who wakes first, and from which dream.

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