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Membranic Nature - A Solo Exhibition by Jeganathan Ramachandram
By Nikki Liaw

Membranic Nature
A Solo Exhibition by Jeganathan Ramachandram 
“Ganesha has always been a very close subject matter to artist Jeganathan Ramachandram. The artist has his own unique style of painting the elephant headed, single tusked Hindu god on canvas. Often portrayed in different poses, each painting holds a unique story of its own.” 

The first painting that greets your entrance
Along Jalan Ipoh, likely the venue most familiar to art lovers is Sentul Park, home of the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre. But did you know, just a few junctions away is St Thomas' Road, where beneath bird-strung trees in a quiet corner, is an artist's home. And a well-known artist, at that.

Held in Jeganathan's studio-cum-home, this exhibition presents a selection of artworks depicting the elephant-headed god Ganesha, Lord of Beginnings, and his family. Due to its venue, it felt more like a private showing to family and friends; art lovers and Jeganathan's supporters getting together on a weekend to enjoy his art! 
Paintings on the ground floor.
As one of the very few Malaysian Indian artists of note, Jeganathan has exhibited in most leading galleries here. His paintings are always mesmerising to behold, and I suppose 'membrane' would be describing the diaphonous quality of his colours, which enjoys a rich textural quality created by a dabbing technique that effects a sandstone-like surface. Ganesha is depicted in various poses and styles, some leaning to cubism and others to realism, echoing traditional Indian paintings that are full of narrative and symbols. The strength of Jeganathan's cultural and spiritual heritage prevails beautifully in his artworks.


Each painting is accompanied by a poem by the artist (Jeganathan is also an author, poet and Nadha Brahmam analyst and columnist), which was read aloud during the opening night. Guests were able to appreciate the iconographies and various attributes of this deity, who is also the Patron of Letters during writing sessions!

The exhibition will end on 11 May, we'll review it in ArtMalaysia Magazine issue 19, out in June. ArtMalaysia thanks artist Jayshree for her invitation and assistance.

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