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Traces of Colour - Taiping, The Town of Everlasting Peace

There are often many stories to be told in the land of history of the ever-peaceful town, Taiping. Born and bred there, it has never failed to keep on casting its charm on me. The hill radiates an enchanting sight for the vision to bask in and the Lake Garden a mind’s pool of peace and bliss. It is indeed blessed as the magic showers continually wetting the earth and green grass of Taiping. 
Officiated by Mr. Ng Kheng Hee and Mr. Ong Chooi Ewe, the exhibition ‘Traces of Colour’ by an enthusiastic group of ten artists called Taiping Colorists instantaneously created rapid butterflies in my stomach. I felt so much ‘alive’ after many years of roaming around in the lost culture of Kuala Lumpur; whereby there was never a sense of belonging in the bits and pieces of my life. I finally found back my identity as a whole, carrying the passionate title within my heart, even unto the remotest region I am bound to head.  

As my mind was absorbed into the fine thrills of the painting, my friend caught me unnoticed with a gentle pat on my back. The small town with the warmest concept of ‘everyone knows everyone’ came into light as his father, Mah Huey Cheong is one of the exhibition’s curator and artist. Wow, I was totally blown-off by the flawless brush strokes of his artwork using only Chinese ink! Indeed, this exhibition came as a bold breakthrough for the artists as this was the first-ever and biggest exhibition held in this tiny rain town. 

The next day when I was having my peaceful evening stroll along the lake under those big rain trees, I bumped into the same bunch of artists who were having the time of their lives painting on their canvas while relaxing on the soft and lush green grass. Talk about real-life paradise! If you have the chance to come by Taiping, where will be your first landing trail? 
Taiping is like big village with plenty of natural spots to explore, all safe and fresh! The breathtaking view of Taiping is indeed an unforgettable experience, for those who comprehend the Taipingite’s everyday activities would  be revolving around the lake – the morning walk, cycling, canoeing, fishing, and visiting the zoo.  If you’re planning to visit Taiping in the near future, do remember to drop by the ‘casual market’ near the old bus station for the tastiest satays and nyonya kuehs in the evening! 

Are you from Taiping? If yes, do you want to share your wonderful experiences with us?

If you’re not, do you have a dearest hometown that you wish to tell us over a cup of coffee? 
I’m so…..ready to listen!!
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