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After JETH Gallery’s exhibition, I made a quick hop over to Vallette Gallery in Damansara Heights.  I was one of the early ones.  Met the host, Patrice Vallette  of Vallette Gallery.

He introduced me to Faben (France),  the street artist better known as Dr Love. From his paintings, either street level or hanging in the gallery, his focus is on matters of the heart.
Faben – ‘Mr Lover Bubble’ - Spray paint, ink, acrylic on canvas

Travelling with a friend who doubles as his assistant, they started and completed several street art works at  No Black Tie Jazz Club (NBT KL) and the iconic Mesui Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

What are street artists’ main challenges?  The ‘weather’ and probably ‘height’.  Faben and friend painted under shivering rain and scorching sun, while in a man-lift  truck!

The result?

Mesui Hotel

No Black Tie’s shutters treated to some ‘love”!

I also managed  to speak to an artist known as Orkibal (Malaysia) within the street art community in Malaysia. He spoke of his passion for aliens and monsters and interest in the 80’s cartoons.  Coming from a modest family, they did not have the luxury of many toys.

Orkibal (Malaysia)  – “People” , acrylic on canvas

As, ‘Necessity is the Mother of Invention, Orkibal tapped into his imagination & creativity by creating make-believe worlds in his drawings and paintings when he was growing up.

This turned into his career and now there is an animation company turning his drawings into animations, hoping to follow the footsteps and success of Boboiboy. We wish him and his project all the success.

He is also a street artist. See his demo at Vallette Gallery at the end of this post.

Next is Fauzan Fuad (Malaysia) who describes himself as an abstract expressionist. 
Fauzan Fuad (Malaysia) – “Untitled 1 & 2” , acrylic, collage paper, oil stick and ink on canvas

This resourceful artist goes around collecting materials for his work, such as ‘Ah Long’ (loan shark) mini advertisement flyers and stickers. He also doodles and loves the thrill of being a street artist.  His motifs are everyday items but giving them abstract meanings within his composition.
As time was short, I did not have the opportunity to meet the other artists – Cecê Nobre (Brazil), Soni            Irawan (Indonesia), Koo Youenmo (Korea) and Donald Abraham (Malaysia)
Here are some of the photos I managed to capture at Vallette Gallery, which is part of a multi-level bungalow along Jalan Bruas. In the neighbourhood of Damansara Heights.  I was greeted at the gate and ushered towards the staircase taking me down, down to the lower ground and poolside. 

Opening the doors, you are instantly greeted with these thought provoking paintings –

“Works of Koo Youenmo  (Korea) – “Child Soldier”

I am touched by this depiction of children with firearms, a contradiction you may think, but sadly in some war torn countries it’s a reality. And the angry expression is poignant and shows a loss of innocence, a loss of childhood and a bleak future.
Soni Irawan (Indonesia) – “Future is Now”

Cecê Nobre (Brazil) - “Azo-be”  spray paint and marker on canvas
In my haste, I forgot to take a photo of the stunning painting above. Thanks to Vallette Gallery, I am able to show this painting by Cecê Nobre (Brazil) and also show a sample of Donald Abraham’s work (Malaysia) below :

Donald Abraham – “Street Banner”, mixed media on street banner
You can find more information and photos of all the artists here.

Message from Vallette Gallery

“Within the last few years of providing an active platform for street artists to be introduced and acclaimed internationally, we have received an outstanding amount of encouragement to widen our horizons and create a collaborative space for acclaimed international artists as well, so that they could share and discuss their experiences as street artists from different backgrounds.
To Vallette Galler y it is such a pleasure to be able to create an environment where street artists from completely different social, political and technical backgrounds could share their experiences together in a way that could help them grow innovatively, providing their observers with more sincere and profound information as well.”

And what I missed out at the opening –


Spraying on a plain mirror

The finished art work by Orkibal!

This exhibition is still open.  Still time to catch it!
Duration : 3rd - 29th of December        2016
Location :  Vallette Gallerie, 22 Jalan Bruas, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur
Curator director : Patrice Vallette
Curator : Charlotte Cousin
Coordinator : Jihane Ferrah
Website :
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