Art Talk

What We Have in Common: Marine life and Gardening
By Ee Lene

A flutter in sumptuous sky, Dancing between rise and fall, Flying naturally above the waves, Across the Eclipse Kalaidescope

I first met Yeap Tho Seng when he had his exhibition at our art gallery (The Art Gallery) in 1999. It was his first solo exhibition entitled “An Aquatic Wonderland”. I instantly grew in love with his artworks as I have been a huge fan of the underwater world being a true Penang Island Girl.

With artist/nature lover, Mr. Yeap Tho Seng

I especially love the way he captures how the creatures swim especially the Banded Clown fishes and Pennat Butterfly Fish.

My favourite piece....clown entertain the sea

Scorpion Fish

In 1994, he was the joint author and illustrator of Major Commercial Marine Fishes of Malaysia, Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Agriculture and SEAFDEC.

Recently I attended the official launch of his solo exhibition entitled “Gaia’s Offspring”. It was held on 6th October in WAF Fine Art Gallery at Strait Quay, Penang. On that day I met up with many art patrons of Penang as well as catching up with Tho Seng. This exhibition is special for Tho Seng, who is celebrating his 70th birthday and the first exhibition to showcase his work on botanical flowers.

With art lover, Ms Khoo Beow See

With artist Mr. Khoo Cheang Jin and Dr. Askandar Unglert

With gallery owner, Mr. Alfred Yeoh

With Mr and Mrs Ch'ng Huck Teng and their wonderful children

I truly enjoyed myself during that exhibition as I get to admire fishes swimming playfully and pretend that I am snorkelling again. I only started snorkelling in 2002 with my family and we are very familiar with all most of the marine life that Tho Seng capture in his artworks.
During this exhibition, I discovered that Tho Seng enjoys gardening as well, another of my many passions that I take pleasure in to do during my free time. His favourite is the Staghorn Fern, which is also one of my dad’s favourite. I am also currently growing my little pathetic garden corner with herbs for cooking and relaxation therapy as well as planting some flowers to brighten my day using natural organic fertiliser (aka fruit and vegetable waste from my kitchen).

Chrysanthemum flowers

Madagascar Jasmine

Hibiscus from my garden

So this wraps up my similar interest with Tho Seng.

Finally congratulations to Yeap Tho Seng and WAF Fine Art Gallery for a successful exhibition.
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