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Borak Borak on Pulau Ketam

What could you do on a sunny sunday morning? Sleep, eat and relax? Well, I took a short journey to check out the art exhibition on Pulau Ketam held at The Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall. 
I wished I had more time to appreciate the paintings and photographs and hear from the artists about their inspiration. I left the exhibition with a greater appreciation of the rich heritage of Pulau Ketam & learn to sample the flavour and intricacies of some art pieces as well as fine art photography.    

Art Lecturer Yeo Eng Hin giving an opening speech
Art lecturer Mr Yeo Eng Hin gave the opening speech. The event was well participated, children included...not too young to start introducing art appreciation to your child by being an art appreciator ourselves. This reminds me of the following quote by Rudolf Steiner " order to become true educators, the essential thing is to be able to see the truly aesthetic element in the work, to bring an artistic quality into our tasks. . . . If we bring this aesthetic element, we then begin to come closer to what the child wills out of its own nature." (RS, A Modern Art of Education) 

With Artist Wong Miau Yong
One of the art pieces that caught my attention at first glance was by Artist Wong Miau Yong.  

Night scene by Artist Yeo Eng Hin
My wife and I love this piece by Artist and lecturer Yeo Eng Hin - a night scene of Pulau Ketam, with some rearrangements of the actual scene with the bridge as the focal point.   
Sharing by renowned fine art photographer ML Khong

Renowned Fine art photographer ML Khong sharing on his collection of Pulau Ketam going all the way back to the early 1970s. Many of his pictures brought back nostalgic memory of my childhood and a greater appreciation of his work. In summary, the works by ML Khong can best be expressed by Francis Bacon who is a renowned artist. He said "I have always been very interested in photography. I have looked at far more photographs than I have paintings. Because their reality is stronger than reality itself." Indeed, ML Khong's art pieces not only capture the reality but enhance it even further.
Sharing by Mr Yeo Eng Hin

Mr Yeo Eng Hin who grew up in Pulau Ketam sharing his thoughts and observation of ML Khong's collection. The combination insights of Mr Yeo and ML Khong were not only informative technically but also filled with their personal experiences.
With Artist Yong Look Lam

The other set of paintings that caught my attention were skilfully captured and expressed by Artist  Yong Look Lam. His painting of the biggest fishing boat of Pulau Ketam, which is shown at the bottom right of the invitation card below, stood out exceptionally.

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