Art Talk

Episode 7 - Creating Colors of Cambodia
By Martin Bradley

Honey Khor’s journey continues.
In Cambodia Honey has no black SUV. She jets around using tuk tuks (motorcycle autorickshaws) – racing back and forth gathering vital information for the book Colors of Cambodia. One moment we are interviewing past students of the Colors of Cambodia art classes, the very next we are speeding across Siem Reap, barely hanging on to the rickety tuk tuk for our dear lives - all in the name of charity.
We reach one of the many schools that Colors of Cambodia, and Honey, helps to support via art classes and the giving of free art materials.  Hordes of eager young children flock around Honey - she really is Queen B. She steps into the classroom and all smiling eyes are on her. She blossoms. Her smile is as radiant as the children’s. Honey comes alive. The interaction is practically spiritual.
It’s but a respite. Honey has photographers to organise, trips to Angkor Watt to oversee. So far Honey has not let up the pace; she has switched from superwoman to Angelia Jolie’s Laura Croft in the blink of an eye as she prances through temples, ruins and into our hearts. More meetings await her busy schedule.

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