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Landscapes of Humanity : 3 Men Show

 Eston Tan, A Way to Nowhere, Oil on Jute 
It was an exclamation beyond impressiveness…In fact; the entire space in the vicinity of Art Accent emitted an aura of cavernous conscience and humanity. As my thoughts were swept away by the momentum of alluring masterpieces, the gallery manager, TJ Chew stole my gaze by leading me to three artists in the limelight, Eston Tan, Heng Eow Lin and Khoo Cheang Jin.
(on the left) Eston Tan in his usual jovial self greeted me with endless enthusiasm! I chuckled softly at his full-fledged idealism while Eston elaborated on his awe-inspiring works.
Oh my, look at these breathtakingly beautiful paintings by Eston’s!

Captivated by his expressive strokes and attentiveness of detail to create an atmospheric and dramatic result, it was a mind-blowing experience for all audiences to be mesmerised by Eston who produces panoramic paintings of cities and towns at night. What a sight to behold as my senses were captured by the striking skyline!

Well…the best part is yet to come! Do you know why his works are always flickered in splashes of twinkling colours? Eston actually painted these impressionistic pictures out of his personal emotions, recollections and his past experiences….depicting his quest for simplicity of life.

 Eston Tan, A Ray of Hope, Series 3, Oil on Jute
I particularly fancy these unique series, "A Ray of Hope" as his arty works fulfill the compositions with a gush of starry strength… utilising oil and…light dips of coffee!!! Do you believe your own sight and sense of smell? Come and take a sneak peek at his works…and detect the coffee scent for yourself! Don’t forget to drop me some of your thoughts while your innate self is dancing away to his music of the night….

 Eston Tan, A Ray of Hope, Series 4, Oil on Jute

As for Khoo Cheang Jin, I was really delighted to see him and his ever-mesmerising watercolour works…since one year back in MCAT PCA4!! This time, the showcasing exhibits were mostly inspired by his constant travels in our dearest homeland and around the world! If you happen to come across a fine-looking man carrying along a sketch pad to draw inspirational scenes, it must be Khoo Cheang Jin! The streetscape with heritage buildings with unique architecture has always been his most favourite subject of all time!

Khoo Cheang Jin is full of smiles 
Khoo Cheang Jin, Pulau Ketam 3, Watercolour on Paper 

Emphasising on light and shadow and contextual activities; one would be enthralled by Khoo’s amazing perspective! Honestly, I have absolute liking towards his play of light and dark to produce layers of shadow….in order to give us an illusion of three-dimensional appearance to his work!

 Khoo Cheang Jin, Wat Pho, Bangkok, Watercolour on Paper

It was my first encounter with prominent artist-sculptor Heng Eow Lin…and it proved to be fruitful and rewarding …I had never seen an artist that happy and fun-loving before… until I met him! He solemnly quipped to me, “A person may have a lot of regrets in life, but becoming an artist makes me really happy!”

Do you know Heng immediately becomes a full-time artist since his graduation from Nanyang Academy of Art for more than thirty years ago?

His pursuit of art since the beginning has been unwavering, thus Heng’s creative vocation has brought him immense happiness and freedom.
Along the years, his persistent demeanour has caused him to be misunderstood as a ‘mad man’ …but now? After 32 years, everyone goes the other way round and praises Heng as a very determined and successful artist! Heng believes in the strong value, ‘idealism’… as his idealistic mind helps him to go through all kinds of discouraging turbulences.

Fortunately, his family is the backbone for his never-ending support…and that makes him who he is today!

 Heng Eow Lin, Colourful World, Oil on Linen

I would say that Heng’s paintings reflect the beauty of life- focusing on the human form whereby he deems life is filled with imperfections. In his recent series, Heng accentuates on motherly love and growing babies….I think he wants to express to the world  that there is always hopefulness of youth…illustrated in his works. Of course, the main characters are the young ones… but they are faceless and without skin colour; as all lives are equal regardless of races. While I observed his work, my emotions ran along his optimistic and delightful character as his thoughts and interests were being displayed brilliantly in all his works.

 Heng Eow Lin's laughter  lights up our world 

All in all, seeing these marvellous works tell a great tale about environmental protection and humanity.
Longing for more? Drop by Art Accent for the wonderful 3-man-show “Landscapes of Humanity”. Exhibition runs from 4th till 13th August 2012.
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