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Art Boot Camp Kedah: 30 Aug - 2 Sept 2013


DAY 1 (30 August 2013)
Artists from Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Selangor, Perak, Penang, Kedah and Perlis convene at Kedah for an intensive 7 days Art Boot Camp 2013. Another creative event initiated and sponsored by 1MCAT (1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism).     

Artists on the way to Kedah

Arrival of artists at Galeri Seni Lukis Moden Daiichi

Happy faces of artist

Welcome speech by Mr. Tai, the owner of Galeri Seni Lukis Moden Daiichi

Artists in appreciation of art


Sharing tea and local kuih at Galeri Seni Lukis Moden Daichi

Group photo with all the participating artists

Upon checking into the hotel the artist visited Gallery Seni Lukis Moden Daiichi who is owned by Mr Tai, a well known art collector and promoter. After tea the artist adjourn to Mr Tai's residence, a place not just for his family but also artist around the world whom he invites to reside at his place to create master pieces of art. Both tea and dinner were fully sponsored by 1MCAT, once again a reflection of a partnership with private collectors in promotion of making Malaysia a prime choice for art tourism.     

DAY 2 (31 August 2013)
Artists with great anticipation catch a boat ride to Jeti Tanjong Dawai. Along the way the group swing by to a small fishing village for photo session and sketching. It is intriguing to watch children looking intently while the artist sketches. I wonder what goes in their mind and what small impression it leaves on them. As one cruise down the river, one can witness not just the beauty of nature but breath the fresh air  & tranquillity of mother nature as the breeze washes over our faces.   

Mohammed Zahid Othman at work

(left) Fauziah, Kasmine and Sharon are busy sketching

Group photo of artist at Tanjung Dawai

Artist on board to Tanjung Dawai

The food @ Tanjong Dawai is fresh and at a very affordable price. I ordered BBQ one fish twice the size of my hand and it cost only Rm 6. At Tanjong Dawai, apart from fresh seafood is a shopping paradise for purchasing dried seafood such as ikan bilis etc. The artist then proceed to a fishing village Kg Dawai known to be a popular spot for artist. So well visited that the local fishermen asked which country the artist come from. They stayed on to watch with much interest and reflection. 

Artists are roaming around town searching for interesting subjects to paint


Inspiration corner for artists to sketch

Group photo of artists by the fishing village

Day 3 (1 September 2013)
The artists then visited Candi Pangkalan Bujang. A very significant historical site much visited by tourist and locals alike.  In such a place the artists once again paint and capture the beauty of that place.

Artist Loo Win sitting down under the shades

Rain or shine, we paint. The artist seems to be painting at all places in all conditions.

Puteri Ayu Chalet
After checking into Puteri Ayu Chalet which is a nice and comfy place situated near the reserves the artist paid a short visit to the reserves. 

Artists resting at the foothill, preparing to walk into the forest reserve

In the evening the artist got together for an artist introduction time. Time to get to know one another better and exchange ideals. I was personally touch by one women artist sharing, who stop her business to pursue her dream to being an full time artist. She was very thankful to have met so many more experience artist and given the chance to participate in this initiative. Apart from her i was inspired by three single mother artist, pursuing their dreams and raising their kids at the same time have been a challenging journey. 

Day 4 (2 September 2013)
The group then make a trip to the museum paddy, tracing the process and history of paddy farming.  What a sight to behold, one of the painting capture a 360 degree scenery of Kedah, beautifully depicting key places and life of the people. The painting as I was told were done by North Korean artists who spend a few years collecting data and took several months to complete. If you do ever travel to Kedah it is one Museum you must visit. 

Artist Yong Look Lam guiding Kasmine

Snippets from the catalogue:





















The Art Boot Camp continues in Perlis.... 

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