Art Talk

Episode 4 - Creating Colors of Cambodia
By Martin Bradley

And now read on...

It was fantasy time in a brightening KL. Our heroine Honey pitched on – ‘what if we had a book like this or that, full colour, hard covers/soft covers - 100 pages, and how much would it cost? Oh that much!’ Mental gnashing of teeth/tearing out of hair, ‘ok what if we changed it around, no note paper just all glossy art paper, how would that be. Ok, better, but it is for a charity lah! A slight reduction, how slight? Hmmm, we’re getting there.’

The Colors of Cambodia project was moving slowly forward. Honey was having a meeting with the printer to determine the cost of a book, rather than a catalogue for the exhibition. The printer was a nice guy, all smiles and a little twinkle in his eye as he looked at Honey. He gave us some vital samples to impress American Bill with at the weekend, it was all a little too good to be true, but hey who’s complaining.

It was another stage over. Honey, sample books and paper stuffed into her oversized bag, donned her sleek sunglasses and slipped elegantly back into her Honey-mobile and sped off to her next meet.
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