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Our Love, Our Passion, Our Gratitude

Press Release


Exhibition Date: May 8 to June 8, 2012
Venue: Artemis Art
Opening Hours: 11am to 7pm (Tuesdays to Saturdays)
12noon to 5pm (Sundays)
Mondays by appointment only

Our Love, Our Passion, Our Gratitude is a collaborative exhibition by three women artists, Ng Kim Heoh, Tan See Ling, and Tan Sock Chin, all of whom either originate from Penang, or are currently based there. Distinctive in their own styles, this exhibition pays homage to the important role of women in the arts, with a specific focus on Penang, a state that is known for its rich artistic heritage.
It is fitting, therefore, that the month-long exhibition will have its formal opening on Mother’s Day, at 3pm on Sunday, May 13th, 2012. Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir has graciously agreed to officially open the exhibition.
Each of the three artists uses their individual styles to convey to us how their inner feelings, including those of love, passion and gratitude, are skillfully expressed through their art. Women have been active in the field of the arts in Malaysia for many years, and giving them focus in this exhibition is our small way of showing our appreciation and gratitude.   

Artist Profiles
1. Ng Kim Heoh
From the day she seriously picked up her brush, up to her three major solo exhibitions, ”My Inspirations”, “Sensitivity From The Heart” and “Reflection Of Mind”, Ng Kim Heoh realized that her works mainly reflected the artist’s journey to rediscover her creative self and artistic mind. It was also a journey of searching for her own identity in art.
Over the years, the objects around her became the source of inspiration. Many of Ng Kim Heoh’s paintings focus mainly on pears. The sculptural shapes of pears had turned into iconic human forms to her, further evolving into the feminine form. They become a metaphor for the artist to relate a story or to express an emotion that she projects through her work, presenting her subject from different perspectives, especially in each piece’s composition and arrangement. Ng Kim Heoh sees herself like a movie director who writes his own script – she sets the scene, and puts her actors in their proper roles, instilling the concepts and messages within the subjects that she paints.
For Ng Kim Heoh, making art is a continuous process. While the ideas keep developing, she plans to continue exploring the feminine concept, with or without her iconic human form of “pear”.
2. Tan See Ling
Seeling, who prefers to be referred to as an expressionist artist, specializes in creating and developing new characters in her work of art. After graduating with a BA (Hons) from University Science Malaysia in 1997, she started her early career as a designer for Royal Selangor International (1997-2001) and Gudang Damansara (2002). 
In 2003 she started to venture into early childhood education, especially in art and music movement for children. With extensive experience and great passion for art, she has developed strong teaching methods to guide young children in their early childhood art. She has also been invited to conduct art workshops for children with special needs. To further expand her love for art and teaching, Seeling opened an art studio in 2006 called Thumb Art Studio in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Throughout her journey as an artist, See Ling has built for herself commendable portfolio.
Her goal in life is to enable and to share her work through connecting art and spirituality. Everyday lives and things in her surrounding are the inspirations for her creations. Teaching art has become her great passion to inspire young children, and guide them to express and explore their inner emotions and feelings through art.
3. Tan Sock Chin
Growing up in a conservative and traditional family is perhaps the primary reason why Tan Sock Chin never had the opportunity to formally pursue her natural interest in art. Despite this, she never gave up her passion. While she was in primary school, she would often draw in the empty spaces in her text books, filling them up, often drawing while in class, during lessons. Her indulgence in drawing did attract some consternation and scolding from her class teacher, but fortunately for Sock Chin, not all of her teachers saw this in a negative light. One of them, after noticing her interest, encouraged her to pursue her passion, and even provided Sock Chin with paper on a daily basis, just so that she could continue drawing. 
Later in life, despite her work demands and family commitments, Sock Chin continued to draw for many years. She discovered the art of Chinese brush ink painting through someone she met, a teacher of the craft from whom she obtained tutelage. This, in fact, marks the real beginning of her foray into the arts. 
What she learned gave her the added confidence to enroll herself into art activities, and participate in exhibitions. Along the way, she has met established artists who motivated her, and gave her the encouragement she needed. Among them were Chong Hon Fatt, Koay Soo Kau and Dato’ Chuah Kooi Yong. Their views and positivity captivated Sock Chin. The exposure she got from these artists in turn helped enrich her own artistic endeavors.
Feelings of joy and happiness form elements that are vital in her paintings. She continues to explore her passion, and strives to give her best in every single piece of work she creates, her sincerity showing through in every brush stroke.
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