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KOTA SEPI by Ahmad Zakii Anwar

Kota Sepi 1 | 2012 | Charcoal on paper | 76 x 206 cm
If you are into realism art, you will recognise Ahmad Zakii Anwar – one of Malaysia’s greatest realist artists. Zakii is back to Valentine Willie Fine Art with his latest charcoal series entitled Kota Sepi. Kota Sepi is a continuous version of his previous exhibition Kota Sunyi; offering a dark cast of characters from Zakii’s own cinema of the everyday.
Kota Sepi 3 | 2012 | Charcoal on paper | 76 x 206 cm

Gazing into the mysterious artworks which depict human figures within the spaces of Malaysia’s urban environment, Zakii’s nine black and white drawings strike me hard on its underlying meaning of isolation.

Kota Sepi 4 | 2012 | Charcoal on paper | 76 x 206 cm

Loneliness lingers in my mind as my vision trails by the thought-provoking masterpieces…one by one…as the strange, hidden characters surface to hook one’s mind yet leaving many questions unanswered. The intentions of Zakii however, vary to vast interpretation.

 Kota Sepi 5 | 2012 | Charcoal on paper | 76 x 206 cm

Kota Sepi 6 | 2012 | Charcoal on paper | 76 x 206 cm

If you let your mind strays into his world like I do, it is easy to dwell into Zakii’s portrayal of his audiences who demonstrate passiveness yet heroic characteristics at times. Possibly, Zakii has the purpose to reveal and conceal the secrets of human conditions…the reality of life at its stake?
Such remoteness, such visibility vs. invisibility… it all comes down to evoking emotions of audiences into different levels of the dark side.
“I show and at the same time, I hide. I hide things in the darkness, in the shadows and especially in the meanings behind my works. I play around with the visible and the invisible, to create a tension and a situation open to interpretations by the audience", quipped Zakii. 
(The Star, 2012)

Feel the spooks of emptiness already? Get your feet going to Valentine Willie Fine Art GalleryKota Sepi is on show till 12 September 2012.

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