Art Talk

Episode 9 - Creating Colors of Cambodia
By Martin Bradley

Honey has little respite in her very busy schedule. Off she goes to teach at yet another school, accompanied by American Bill. Together with Kiri (a Cambodian artist/teacher), the three of them take two day classes of young children at two schools, and teach them art. In turns Honey and Bill draw on the blackboard, encouraging the children in their hand/eye coordination. 

But it is not Bill Apsaras, nor Honey’s smiling people that the children want to draw – but Angry Birds. Yes, even in Cambodia, the Angry Birds phenomenon has invaded local culture. But never mind, at least the children use the materials given by Colors of Cambodia, American Bill, Kiri and Honey. 

Honey still sketches as she goes. In between fraught business meetings, interviewing and teaching at two schools and the Colors of Cambodia art gallery, Honey finds time to wet her brush and, with a flourish or two, knock out some dazzling watercolours.

The more advanced students from the Colors of Cambodia gallery follow Honey to Angkor Wat. There they sketch all day, in the shade of those great standing stones - amusing and amazing tourists who had flown from around the world to see those Khmer temples.

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