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Ahmad Osni Peii: Forms Unknown Made
By Swee Chin PAN


7 PM

There is just something very appealing about Ahmad’s sculptures. And if I have to put a finger on it, it will have to be, to quote from the catalogue: this intellectual sculptor produces pieces which challenge paintings on canvas, with their nonfigurative forms symbolizing unity, joined in harmony with the idea of wholeness, a concept of gestalt. Yes, it is the unity and wholeness that comes through so well.

Bane Lim with Symbosia

And later an old friend, Bane Lim, took it a step further and explained that Ahmad’s sculptures represent the saying, the form is the void and the void is the form, perfectly. And he goes about demonstrating with Symbiosia. ‘It is also like the Mobius strip’, Bane adds.
For the less enlightened, the Mobius strip is a strip of paper with only one surface. Twist a long, thin-nish strip of paper 180 degrees (1/2 twist) and attach one end to the other. Start drawing a pencil line all around, from the inside to the outside and back where you started. You will find one surface has a complete line through it. The inside becomes the outside and the outside becomes the inside. Ha! You never thought about it, did you? Today, the Mobius strip is the universal symbol of recycling.

 Ahmad Osni Peii & son, Timur with Polatiga B

When Ahmad arrived, I could not believe that the man before me is 82 years old! He looks like he is in his 60s and by his side is his 5 year old son, Timur, who is his shadow! Ahmad does everything himself, from the welding, soldering, hoisting and god knows what else?! And the 2012 works are 9 – 12 feet tall! Amazing! Ahmad: I take my hat off to you!

 Ahmad Osni Peii with Cordova

Ahmad is Indonesian and he made Malaysia his second home eight years ago. He has not had a solo exhibition for almost a decade and his last solo was in 2003 at Singapore’s Sculpture Square. Well done to Wei-Ling for persuading him to show his works again!
When I asked Ahmad whether his son, Timur, will follow in his footsteps, he had this to say: I will teach him to use his hands, his mind and his heart…all his faculties, good moraluse his imagination, live fully…such wise words, yes? Timur is one fortunate boy!

Omar & Lynda Merican

Aat van der Horst, Karen, Catherine & Chin Wan

Adrian Symons & Angela Hijjas

Carol & Ng Sek San, Tony Hughes & Philip Tan

Gail Robertson & Pat Goonting

Matthias Wendlandt & Dr. Jerry Chong

 Mr. Suryana Sastradiredja & Ahmad Osni Peii

Forms Unknown Made features at Wei-Ling Contemporary from the 6 June – 7 July 2012.
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