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Joy of Space by Heng Eow Lin
By Swee Chin PAN


1 PM
@ NN Gallery
I met Heng Eow Lin at NN Gallery last month at Fong Kim Seng’s solo exhibition. Kim Seng was also present on Saturday to lend his support to his friend – he braved a 6-hour bus journey from Alor Setar. I hasten to add there were several others present that afternoon who also travelled from afar – Muhammad Rojana-udomsat and Thanakorn Sila Boonrat are 2 artists from Thailand! It is so heart warming to see such camaraderie among friends.

Tew Nai Tong & Muhammad Rojana-udomsat

Thanakorn Sila Boonrat, Heng & Abd Rani Majid

Bulan & Rafizah

Diana, Nabil, Jin Leng & Asghar

Ruby Loo & Liz Moggie

Ng Siew Hwa & Thanaporn Buntrat

Farisa Ismail, Heng & Hanizan Abd Hamid
Again like Kim Seng, Eow Lin also exhibited at NN's previous premises in Jalan Jati, Kuala Lumpur. This was way back in 1997, 15 years ago when he was part of a group show, 12 Penang Artists. And during those 15 years he has been involved in both local and international group exhibitions travelling to Thailand, Indonesia, China and Japan. He held several local solo exhibitions too. And as Nabil says in the catalogue: …we now ponder and reflect on our own journeys.
Joy of Space features Eow Lin’s recent oil paintings and sculptures. His sculptures are cast in bronze and cultured marble. Some of the sculptures continue on from his last series, A Mother’s Joy, depicting a mother’s love for her child…cradling the child in her arms, throwing the child up in the air…nicely captured and I like the feel of the bronze, it is incredibly cool to the touch.
The Keseronokan series sculptures, on the other hand, like in the majority of the paintings, show children at play, forming a ‘train’, having fun, and not having a care in the world!

 The sculpture is Keseronokan 3 & the painting is Kalian dilindungi...3

The paintings fall broadly into 3 categories.
First, the family ones where there is always a small child being carried and hugged.
Second, friends hanging out together when not in school…playing ‘leap frog’, blowing soap bubbles, taking a walk, and as boys do – taking a leak together!
Last, playtime at school…which continue on from the Keseronokan series sculptures’ theme. Here Eow Lin’s includes in his paintings games such as Blind Man’s Bluff, Tug-of-War, Oranges and Lemons…Those were the days! Do you have fond memories of your school days?

 Heng with Kalian dilindungi...12

 Joy of Space indeed celebrates our youth. Do go and have a look at Eow Lin’s artworks and be transported back to a time when we were young, innocent and worry-free!
Joy of Space will be on at NN Gallery until 27 October 2012.
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