Art Talk

Sherin Ng, truly a Nyonya at heart
By Liew Kian Yap

An introduction by Sepaloh Art Centre, Ipoh.

It was back in May 2014 when we had our first encounter with the artist Sherin Ng. We 
were into our first exhibition titled Faces of Ipoh and Sherin was one of our visitors. Little 
did we know, Sherin is a budding artist herself. Following our first encounter, we agreed 
to meet at her residence and studio where she lovingly crafted and honed her skills to 
present day. The few encounters resulted in her first solo exhibition in September this 
year. It was truly our honour to be able to be to showcase Sherin’s first inaugural Solo 
exhibition and to witness such a good reception from the people of her hometown.
Sherin is a self taught watercolour and acrylic artist who has an undying passion for 
Peranakan culture and the art of Batik. Sherin has “evolved” – but certainly without losing 
the essence of her identity. A true Nyonya at heart, she expresses herself through her 
beautiful artwork. It is apparent in her attention to detail in all her artwork – the result 
labour of love. No detail is without meaning for the Peranakan and Sherin exemplified 

Sherin’s artistic expressions are inspired through her childhood. Sherin watched her 
grandmother, Siew Kim, lived a Peranakan-influenced life. Siew Kim was always in Sarong 
Kebaya. For Sherin, the special bond between grandmother and granddaughter grew 
stronger through a mutual for love for Batik. It is through her grandmother that Sherin 
would eventually become so deeply involved and in love with the art of Batik (Sarung) and 
the Kebaya. Her vibrant paintings speak of joy, love, beauty, the colours of harmony, a 
free spirit, kindness, compassion, peace, freedom, delight, romance, and all other 
wonderful facets of Peranakan culture. To honor the art of Batik, Sherin uses wax. Her 
skill in using wax is apparent as it is seamlessly blended with the other elements in her 

Sherin has so far produced a few series of paintings, which have been well received by the
public and private collectors. To mention a few, “Precious Moment” a painting from the 
Nyonya series is now in the private collection of Baba Peter Wee, the President of the 
Singapore Peranakan Association. Sherin is also well known for the series of painting titled 
“By My Sides”, “Mother’s Love” and “Daughter’s Heritage”, a trio that is now owned by Mr 
Lim of Sarang Paloh Heritage Stay. Sherin is now working on venturing and expressing batik on canvas or paper.
It is her hope that her artwork will go beyond decorative function to serve as constant reminders of 
their eventual owners’ heritage and past.

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