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Core Design Gallery - Landscaping Malaysian Art

It’s a revolution of landscape art.
Ultimately, it's a collision between unseen dreams and unpolished reality.

This whole month of April in Core Design Gallery, get yourself ready to be hooked by the mind-boggling artworks which are just too fascinating yet thought-provoking in the realms of self-discovery. 
"Paddy Field (padi sawah) does not necessarily have ‘kerbau’ and birds. It can possibly be in the sky. Can a kampong house of Malaysia be distorted like Salvadore Dali’s painting? Can a figurative work combines with landscape?Can our famous heritage buildings be in a twisted form?"
The odd truth of the peculiar combination actually dictates artists’ inner struggles to break free from the chase for modernisation, once and for all. The voices from their shattered perception on egocentric urbanites can be seen in the provocative masterpieces from both emerging and experienced artists from all walks of life.


Haffadzi Che Rose, Bait-bait puitis series- I believe I can fly

I could feel the goosebumps crawling down my spine as these soul-grasping artworks vividly remind us that how much we had sacrificed our Mother Nature to pave in transformation to build an immense concrete jungle. It made us think twice and even thrice about our reckless actions which lead to major destructions and alas…the extinction.  

Azzad Diah, In Between, Charcoal, Acrylic on Canvas

Syam Asmawi, The Power of the Powerless, Mixed Media on Wood

Head over to the gallery for a marvellous parade of landscape paintings which are enhanced into brushes of contemporary art… indeed a mighty revolution of art…in a shocking manner!
Raja Lope Rasydi -Baroh, Acrylic & Airbrush on Canvas

Participating artists : Akhmal Asyraf, Ashriq Sudin, Azli Wahid, Azzad Diah, Haafiz Shahimi, Haffadzi Che, Raja Lope Rasydi, Syafiq Hariz, Syam Asmawi, Faizal Suhif

Syafiq Hariz, The Bowl Valley, Acrylic, watercolor and indus

Haafiz Shahimi, Refreshing Janda Baik,Watercolor on Canvas 
This exhibitions runs from : 19th March - 22nd April 2012
Office Hour : Mon - Sun
10 am - 7pm (based on appointment)
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