Art Talk

Episode 11 - Creating Colors of Cambodia
By Martin Bradley

There was a problem. No sooner had our intrepid Honey Khor arrived from her fact finding mission to Cambodia, and off of her smooth Malaysian Airways flight, than she learned that some of the Cambodian school children’s Malaysian sponsors had dropped out. It was a blow. For a few days the book, the interviews and writing were brushed aside to enable Honey to seek fresh sponsors for those Cambodia school children. Without sponsorship those children would not be able to return to school later in the year.


Then there was an even bigger flurry of Honey activity. Emails were written, facebook messages were passed and word of mouth spread as quickly as a free hi-tea at a five star hotel. One after another, friends volunteered to sponsor children, sometimes three children being sponsored by the same family. It was done. The day, and the children’s education, was saved.

Quickly Honey buried herself back into the frenzied business of getting that book together. There was a meeting with the designer, another meeting with the printer and yet more sponsorship – this time for the book’s printing, to be sorted out. Money was coming in, but drip by Malaysian Ringgit drip – agonisingly slowly.

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