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Cherished Memories - Pelita Hati
By Swee Chin PAN

Cherished Memories

5 PM
@ Pelita Hati

Cherished Memories is a showcase of works by Malaysian artists, both past and present. To quote from Pelita Hati: It is an exhibition that tells a nostalgic story through sub-themes such as landscape, nature and culture. The works are inspired by the experiences of each artist - through the artists’ eyes, the wonderful memories of yesteryears, beautiful sceneries in Malaysia, beautiful Malay architecture and lovely local fruits.
It is indeed all that.
Only four participating artists were present that Saturday evening. Yeo Eng Peng, who specialises in our delicious fruits has two of his paintings up - The Beauty Under The Sun #4 and Pineapple in Blossom – they are beautiful watercolour paintings!

As usual I got the artists to pose with their favourite pieces and here is Mohd Azlan M.A.M08 with Emocratic Republic. He informs that the fish is painted, with remnants of coffee residue no less! The process took him several months but he is extremely pleased with the result.

Zaim Durulaman poses with Angry Bird, his favourite here. He informs that he was playing the Angry Bird game all the time when he painted this…but he doesn’t anymore. Yes, games can be terribly addictive, and we know how hard it is to resist and avoid spending endless hours on them!

Wan Fuad, representing Rupajiwa Studio, was on hand to explain the meaning of their video installation piece, Apakah Yang Kau Cari (What Are You Looking For)? It is basically saying that there is too much development and building going on, altering the very nature of land which originally has nothing on it. I am very heartened to know that the green message is being spread.

The works of Abdullah Ariff, AB Ibrahim and Tan Rahim Zahici from the 40s to the 60s are part of the gallery’s own collection. The three sketches of Abdullah Ariff are particularly fine. There is something very special about works completed during those times.
As a lover of old buildings, the works of Haron Mokhtar are especially appealing – just love those bright, bold colours. Yong Look Lam’s water colours of old buildings, on the other hand, are serenely calming.
Member of Parliament of Kuala Kangsar, YB Dato’ Wan Mohamad Khair-il Anuar B. Wan Ahmad, officially opened the exhibition.

Do go to the exhibition and be taken back in time…enjoy the nostalgia and the works of the other participating artists: Zainon Abdullah, Tayep Yop, Osman Saidin, and Mohd Roslan Ahmad. You have until 30 September 2013!
Alifah Zaki & Farah Aini

Mohd Syazwan, Kadir Chan & Mohd Izzat

Nazif, Fauzi & Mazlan

Nur Atiqah & Che Ahmad Azhar

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