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Part 2 : Millionstars Art Team - Power of Positive

Finally…finally! Have a seat, the curtain’s rolling up and the show’s starting!! Take a bow to the mastermind of the art craft, Mr. Chee Wai Loong! Glorious parade of artworks by fourteen multi-talented youngsters comes to light in Galeri Dunia Seni Lukis on 18th February 2012, gaining splendid response from audiences from all walks of life. A sweet, touching sight….indeed, to see the genuine excitement from the young artists and inseparable smiles from their proud-looking parents.

Walking along the aisle, there was this painting that captured my utmost attention. Metres away from the artwork, I thought I was disillusioned in believing that there was four eerie pair of eyes which followed my steps across the distance. I tried adjusting few positions and the hair at the back of my neck stood up. They were obviously alive!! … in my imagination! The glaring eyes were painted in a way to complement the masks for an illusion attack to the eyes of the viewers. Brilliant artwork! The artist behind the masterpiece entitled ‘Disguise’, Cheryl Woon Xier paints the idea that human beings are always living their lives behind a set or many sets of masks. Sad to discover that even kids know the harsh reality of life, isn’t it? The voice of a young one actually dictates the extent of hypocrisy of the society in causing fear and unreachable heights for serving the purpose of self-interest.

 Disguise by Cheryl Woon Xier
Another artwork which caused a stir in many hearts was none other than ‘Prisoner of Life’ by Foong Pey Jie. The thorough details of the acrylic painting illustrate an everyday’s journey of life whereby there would be a common meet-up place which is the bus stop. The impersonation of mortals being painted into lifeless objects is addressing the issue that is faced by distinctive characters. Lipstick speaks for vanity, a dollar symbol signifies the chase for material-possession and the blazing knife tells a tale of an evil-intention person. Guess what other icons such as the hamburger man and cigarette bud mean? Dare for some answers and explanations?
 Prisoner of Life by Foong Pey Jie
Children nowadays (or the past too?) seem to have an eye for real-life crises that some of us, even adults would prefer to avoid at all cost! What has this world become? Look at the artwork named ‘Clock Work’ by the youngest artist in the exhibition, Liew Jie Yi. In the eyes of hers, individuals have become mechanics which are designated to work according to the specifics without any single freedom of choice. Once the doll (refers to human) stops winding, we are.. gone forever, unless we are winded-up to live the same, automated life again. Life’s brief candle…Therefore live the life you have always wanted, not live the life that other people wanted you to be! Agree?

Clock Work by Liew Jie Yi
There are many other mesmerizing artworks that would certainly worth to be experienced with your own vision in this spectacular exhibition. The voices of today’s children are really important as they are going to be the leaders of tomorrow! The Millionstars Art Team’s exhibition will end at 4th March 2012, so drop by Galeri Dunia Seni Lukis today.

 Dance with the Nature by Chia Show Pin

Dignitares and Civiliang by Alyssa Ch'ng

Sticking Your Neck Out by Kay Ti
Happy Faces of Young Artists!
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