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Amazing August 2012 - Oil Paintings by 10 Malaysian Artists
By Liew Kian Yap

In conjunction with 1Malaysian Contemporary Art Tourism, Chin Kon Yit brings together 10 of his artists friends to express their focus on Malaysia's 55th Independence Day. This is already their 3rd exhibition at Galeri Dunia Seni Lukis. I really enjoy looking at every art piece showcased by them. Honestly, I feel amazed by the expressions related to the development and the richness of cultural effect  depicted in the eyes of these participating artists. It's so parallel to the life of our surroundings since independence…life in the kampung, beautiful plants and flowers being discovered in the forest and social development...
….don't worry it's not an academic art exhibition!

Group photo of 10 oil painters with the guest of honour, Ms Jean Lee
All these art pieces are indeed a great collection hopping from traditional nyonya dresses, contemporary Gunung Kinabalu, abstract abstraction, landscape utilising strokes of oil.... Although Malaysia is a multi-racial country but within the Chinese artists community, they are deeply influenced by their fellow Malays and Indians friends.

If you are a writer, you will surely pen down your 55 years of journey in Malaysia, and publish a book, isn't it? If you are a photographer, you will hang your camera around your neck and go everywhere to take photos of 55 years of journey also, right?

But for these 10 oil painters, they can neither write nor have any photos to show you...What they have are their paintings on canvases.. I encourage you to come and see all these art pieces and try to relate yourself to their works...and see if you can find similar experiences on your journey in this 55 years. Come and enjoy and immerse yourself in each individual artist's paintings which showcase an array of interesting imaginations of their motherland


Chiew Cheng Hwa presents his artwork to Ms Jean Lee

Lim Kok Hong presents his work to Liew Kian Yap


Lee Sin Bee's love for details is simply fantastic!


Enthusiastic Lee tells a tale on his preciseness of painting the Nyonya culture

Tham Siew Moi & Ms Jean Lee

Vibrant colours dictate Siew Moi's personal emotions

Among the 10 artists, there is actually one from Mynmar, Min Yin Thant. Residing in Malaysia for 10 years, he expresses his loyalty towards this nation by painting beautiful landscape paintings of various parts of Malaysia. His daughter is also born in Malaysia too!
Min Yin Thant loves painting landscapes of Malaysia. 
His paintings are his evidences of his wonderful time living here in Malaysia.
He has witnessed multiracial society, multireligious living in hamony, 
he has even seen the charming landscapes especially the waterlily ponds (from the photo)

Ken Tan's contemporary work often bedazzles the hearts of many

Chiew Cheng Hwa's impressive brush strokes can be seen in his arty piece 

Koh Shim Luen's painting emphasises on nature in abstraction

Lim Kok Hong puts on a smile while we snap!

Lim Kok Hong relates his observations towards Beca man 


NSTP and Berita Harian's reporters who were in the gallery had a wonderful chat with all these 10 oil painters, however the two weeks exhibition for all these amazing art pieces are just too view of the Ramadan month especially for those Muslim friends preparing for their coming Raya...they had suggested that we should extend the exhibition to 17th August 2012. 
Dear Readers,

...strange enough...just when I am about to end my writing on this exhibition.... I realise most of these artists are much youthful than our nation's years of independence....

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