Friday, 6th June 2014

As Malaysians, we share one common factor with other Asian countries : ‘Rice’ as our staple food.
Full-grown paddy ready to be harvested
Rendering in Cantonese dialect as “一扎米” and in Bahasa Malaysia as ‘Segenggam Beras’, this collective noun interprets ‘a handful of rice’ that feeds all kinds of people across borders and culture regardless of race, backgrounds and statuses in society.
Segenggam Beras is the theme for my overland art quest. I am excited for this project as I am about to experience diversities in languages, religions, political systems, lifestyles and architecture in five different countries. It has always been my dream to materialize this border-crossing art quest.
Many today document their travel adventures through blog with photographs, videos and article write-ups. However, I decide to take the road less travelled. Instead of words and digital visuals, I desire to document my journey in the form of visual art. I will invite a group of local and international artists to travel with me driving 4WD vehicles, making our way to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, across Vietnam and back to Malaysia within a month. These artists will draw, sketch and paint our border-crossing art quest using various mediums such as watercolour, oil, acrylic, charcoal and etc. Their works feature our journey in different representations of art such as surrealism, realism, abstract, landscape and etc.
View of a paddy field
So, why drive overland?
When we travel, we keep track of our limited time for certain itineraries. Sometimes, we rush to certain destinations without a considerable amount of time to enjoy any moments that deserve to be treasured. Flying across countries can never give the experiences that one can gain from an overland adventure.
Driving overland gives us the flexibility and time to discover more. We look forward to conceive ideas and inspirations of our experiences for the artists to document them in forms of art.

Art Promoter
Project Manager