Art Talk

Black & Light
By Liew Kian Yap

Mukherjee studied Film and Television in Bond University, Australia and has worked in the
television commercial industry in Bombay before moving to Kuala Lumpur, he also
directed animation shorts for World Wide Fund (for nature) – WWF.
In university his interest in photography was further amplified from the guidance he
received from his teacher Ridley Williams.
Hailing from the eastern-Indian city of Calcutta, his interests include music- an eclectic and
democratic palate where rock coexists with classical, both eastern and western, and folk
music of his native Bengal ; cinema; Sanatan Dharma and Zen Buddhism; ß

AKU Café & Gallery
Aku Cafe & Gallery is an urban space created by a Malaysian film producer for his friends
and other creative people to meet and express their individualistic style and talent. It is a
convenient place either for an intimate chat or to hold brainstorming sessions in an
inspiring environment.
Tucked away from the busy street of Jalan Sultan, the cafe is located on the first floor of a
Chinese association's building on Jalan Panggong (formerly known as Theatre Lane). It
offers travellers, writers, artists, collectors, filmmakers and coffee connoisseurs a tranquil
space to escape from the busy city.
Events related to music, films and food as well as art exhibitions are held for regulars who
appreciate culture at a closer level.

21st April – 12th May 2017 at
AKU Café & Gallery
No.8, 1st Floor, Jalan Panggong,
50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Open Tuesday – Sunday 11:00am – 8:00pm
Closed Mondays
Admission is free.
For general enquiries about AKU Café & Gallery or sales enquiries, please email / call +603 2857 6887
Please visit AKU website
Or find us on Facebook:

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