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Part 1: Millionstars Art Team - Power of Positive

The encounter with Chee Wai Loong was indeed more than just a delightful experience. There was an indescribable power swirling through his thoughts that totally gave me a mind-blowing inception of a mighty talent, a country hero at his low-kept profile. Pumped up with aspirations to educate his young students, Chee has stepped on the accelerator to transform the mindset of the general society to appreciate art as a whole in this developing nation.
Chee is not just an artist, but he is also an art educator and writer as well. I was impressed by his possession of a wise, independent mindset and great manners for a 29-year-old man who had solely fought the art battle since his teenage years.
I absolutely agreed with Chee when he exclaimed that Malaysian parents often do not encourage their children to venture further into becoming an artist, but only wanting them to keep the artistic skill for pure hobby and leisure. How many of you have experienced the similar situation yourself, trapped in your own creative passion and needing to please your parents’ expectations? Sadly but true, I often found my friends who had the greatest potential to be marvelous artists but habitually left their desirable dreams to pursue other careers as their arty ambitions were often looked down as a ‘non-money-making’ and meaningless pursuit.

However, Chee is on a gentle yet firm conquest to transform the society into a stunningly beautiful world of artistic reciprocal.  In this upcoming exhibition which is curated solely by Chee himself, the theme ‘Power of Positive’ is dignified by the participation of many young, emerging artists. Chee invented the ideas and led the young artists in their painting strokes. From my honest point of view, the exhibition indeed allures the soft charms of Chee in molding the talent of his students within his limitations.
As he spoke of the ample time he had spent to nurture his students, I could feel that his eyes were sparkling with exhaustion as if he enjoyed every process of fostering their skills, despite only getting unearthly hours of rest everyday. 
Chee mentioned that in order for a country to progress, the primary sources and derivations are from a broad-minded community who advances from traditions to flowing creativity. I sincerely see eye to eye to his opinion, as I am an idealist who supports the art voyage as it truly determines the length of success of a nation. Do you have any opinion on how can all of us contribute to the accomplishment of a creative nation?
Back to the exhibition, I realize that all the masterpieces actually accentuate on the originality of the artists. Upon admiring the individualistic artworks, I become conscious about Chee’s ground setting vision of altering the nonchalant perceptions of parents and educators into prioritizing art as a significant subject in educating the children. As every piece of his art carves a purpose, Chee hopes to change the stereotyping society of discouraging their children in maximizing their potential.

Based on my personal experience, my childhood contained similar suppression of creative thoughts as my friends and I were trained to follow elderly decisions all the time, thus influencing us into becoming less-principled young adults, afraid of being judged and think thrice before taking any risk. Not only that, our education system often restricts our freedom to ‘think out of the box’. Do you think you have the ‘think out of the box’ persona? What difference can you make to our dearest Malaysia in terms of education and art? 

All in all, I am keen to wait for the major transformation. Let us together omit the old-school traditions of children who are breathing with parents’ restrictions and expectations, while shifting the mentality of adults who only live up to realistic needs.
Meanwhile, hop into Galeri Dunia Seni Lukis from 18th February 2012- 4th March 2012 and view the spectacular exhibition of Chee and his young students. I’m definitely not going to miss the awesome exhibits, what about you? Join me, find me there ! 
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