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International Women's Day Art Exhibition 2012 - Femme Flora

8th March 2012, a special day to be remembered and celebrated in the eyes of the world - A season of joy for femininity complemented with sparks of adornment for all women throughout the universe. But of course, one day is obviously never enough to shower the women that you love with unconditional affection, be it your mother, wife, or even soulmates!
Come over to Galeri Kementerian Pelancongan Malaysia from March-April, organized by Alyssa Galeri as a tribute of acknowledgement to the women, and join the heartwarming crowd to witness the International Women’s Day Art Exhibition whereby an array of splendid artworks are boldly showcased there.
The exhibition allures the charming nature of women in the form of artistic artworks in a diversity of style, although it can be seen that the floral theme grabs the attention of bypassers. Holding women in the highest graciousness, the extraordinary images from various countries are definitely turning heads as every of the masterpiece signifies an unbreakable bond to tie women together across the globe.

Denoting a wide range of artistic interpretation from female perspective, the artworks on display are personification of their unspoken words in delivering their message across mass audience while utilizing their imagination, creativity and visual communication.
I’m absolutely certain that every single one of you has a female figure in the very special corner of your heart! Mind sharing with me? Meanwhile, enjoy the marvelous exhibition in Galeri Kementerian Pelancongan Malaysia and celebrate the wonderful month of all times!

To every beautiful woman out there, Happy International Women’s Day!

Exhibition Opening: 22nd March 2012, Thursday, 9.30am

Galeri Kementerian Pelancongan Malaysia
No.2 Tower 1, Jalan P5/6, Presint 5, 62000 Putrajaya
Tel: +603-8891 8000 Fax: +603-8891 8749

Participating artists:
1) Aida Uy Sze (Philippine)
2) Aminah Abdul Rahman (Malaysia)
3) Ang Kooi Yong (Malaysia)
4) Ang Tin Kean (Malaysia)
5) Chai Mee Sean (Malaysia)
6) Chiou Ling Chyi (Taiwan)
7) Deborah Ayres (Australia)
8) Delaila Abdullah (Malaysia)
9) Ee Moi Fong, Karen (Malaysia)
10) Dato Dr. Fadzilah Binti Muhammad Ali  (Malaysia)
11) Fatemeh (Seidah) Mofarani (Iran)
12) Fimah Chik (Malaysia)
13) Geh In Lin, Esther (Malaysia)
14) Hasemah Abu Hazim (Shima) (Malaysia)
15) Lim Yin Mee (Malaysia)
16) Liu, Angeline (Taiwan)
17) Mozhgan Rahmani (Mojan) (Iran)
18) Ng Guan Li (Malaysia)
19) Oh Chow Moy (Malaysia)
20) Park Soo Bin (Korea)
21) Porntip Thongpong (Thailand)
22) Sharifah Zuriah Aljeffri (Malaysia)
23) Susanna Hernesniemi (Finland)
24) Tan Cheng Cheng (Singapore)
25) Tan Lee Kheng, Grace (Singapore)
26) Wong, Cindy (Malaysia)
27) Wong Siew Lee (Malaysia)
28) Yaw Lau Fun (Malaysia)
29) Yu Guo Qin, Katy (China)

Get more details about the exhibition at Alyssa Galeri's website! Have a great day,dear ones!

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