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Reflected Dimensions - Solo Exhibition by David K Rees
By Swee Chin PAN

8 PM

It was a dry evening and I was still full of beans after choir practice, so I went for the opening even though it was already quite late. I got there at 10.15 pm. And I am glad I went. 

Curved Dimension

Laser Dimension No.1

There were not many people around, just a sprinkling here and there. I was told it was not a busy evening. This happens with artists unknown to Malaysians. I did not take any photographs that evening as I was too busy chatting with the artist…the ones here were taken on Saturday, 14 April.
I was curious as to whether David lives here and why Pace?
He does not live in Malaysia, he is Welsh and has homes in the UK, India and Australia. He comes to our tanah air as his sister-in-law lives here and a cousin’s home is just a stone’s throw away from Pace. He has never been to Pace and it was a friend who introduced him to Yusof Majid. They met, Yusof liked what he saw, a deal was struck and the rest is history!
I have not seen paintings like this before and this series of reflected dimensions is about David’s fascination with the ever-changing shimmering, distorted images reflected in the mirrored glass of skyscrapers. It all started in Dubai where he once lived and worked. He took photographs of these beautiful images and has continued to do so wherever he goes. In fact, he has taken many of our local iconic buildings and intends to produce several paintings. And of course, our Petronas Twin Towers will feature!

RTA Building, Blacktown & Regent Hotel Dimension

Extraordinary Dimension & Apartment Dimension

David only started exhibiting when he was 51 years old. He was given oil paints on his 50th birthday and that was the day he decided to quit the advertising world to become a painter, to pursue his love for art. His first solo exhibition was in Dubai in 1998, followed by exhibitions in London, Perth, Sydney and Cairns.

David Rees with Central Park Dimension
Do go and see David’s abstract photo realism paintings. You will not be disappointed and to quote David: Come and solve the puzzle of each painting! And the best thing is David will be at the gallery to answer any questions that you may have on his paintings.
Reflected Dimensions features at Pace Gallery from the 11 - 24 April 2012
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Please note that there will be more on Reflected Dimensions in ArtMalaysia Magazine issue 19 out in June 2012.
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