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Faizal Suhif - A Silent Diary

From an artistic perspective, Bali is always a melting pot of cultures and traditions. Over the years, Bali has absorbed numerous influences; Chinese, Javanese, Indian, Hindu and Western. Do you know for centuries, artists in Bali worked under the patronage of priests and ruling classes…to decorate palaces and temples? Artists used to work behind the ‘curtains’, never got to sign their masterpieces and lived together in artists’ villages.

Travelling through the tunnels of time centuries later, art has evolved but still flows naturally in Ubud. Just look at the picturesque rice field, temples and river gorges of rural Bali! And Ubud becomes one of the most sought-after destinations in the world to get in touch with your artistic side! Agree?
So, what’s the deep connection between mesmerising Bali and ever-talented Faizal Suhif?

Visiting Bali gave me the opportunity to experience a lifestyle in a realm woven with art, nusantara culture and spirituality. It was a very warming feeling to see how the society blends themselves with the art community, in appreciation and support; something we quite lack here at home. - Faizal Suhif, on his recent visit to Bali, sponsored by G13 Gallery.
Yes, our young Faizal was whisked away to Ubud, a remarkable town in the middle of the island of Bali for one-month long residency… and finally he returns home with a newfound inspiration in which he tells a tale of his perspectives and ideas through visual works and installations.

During the opening night in G13 Gallery @ Kelana Jaya, Selangor, Faizal gave the audience a silent surprise with his unique poetry performance.

Silence…because Faizal’s poetry recital was accompanied by his astounding performance; from the ‘perahu (boat) ’ to the ‘tombstone’… leaving viewers in state of blankness as they journeyed along with Faizal under the realm of obscurity.  

Surprise…. because Faizal suddenly kneeled down to the black soil as he ‘gave life’ to the soil by planting bean sprouts…

Sounds like a metaphorical voyage? I leave the journey to your imagination…. 

Well, there’s actually something that bothers Faizal. His newborn devotion towards Balinese culture has possibly diverted his attention from his upbringing, thus he formed the graveyard-like setting as a reminder to return to his roots. For him, there’s no escape from birth and death as they are part and parcel of life…
In short, Faizal’s works speak for themselves; telling us that Ubud is renowned for its mystics and not easily “ruined” as its character is too tough to be destroyed.

Come and experience the documentation of journey through Faizal Suhif’s visual diary appreciations in Silent Diary…a drawing, painting & installation by this young emerging artist. This exhibition runs from 1st September to 16th September 2012 at G13 Gallery.  See you there!
To end this piece with great enlightenment, let me share with you Faizal’s poem in Bahasa Melayu.

Tanah yang kugembur ini
adalah tanah diri
tanah peribadi yang menyubur dalam denyut nadi
desah nafasku bergemuruh bagai jeritan jeram
tahukah kalian
sumber ilham paling abadi
hanya dengan berbudi
menyemai bakti kepada tanah ini.
Tanah ini
perkebunan di relung hayat
tempat aku bercucuk tanam
menyemai bakti, menuai hasil semaian budi
batas berpancang tempat aku membaja diri
menyiram keutuhan peribadi
kukongsi ranum manisnya
kukecap segar isinya
bersama taulan, jiran dan rakan
atau sesiapa sahaja yang bakal datang
sudi singgah untuk bertandang di perkebunan ini.
Tanah ini
adalah saksi paling mengingatkan
tentang suatu keberangkatan yang bakal menjelang
Hari buat menuai hasil semaian
yang bercambah dari benih-benih amalan
aku, engkau juga kalian
bukan siapa siapa di perkebunan
sebelum luluh segala janji
bersatu dengan sebati tanah.
Halia itu tanam-tanaman
ke barat jua akan tumbuhnya
dunia itu pinjam-pinjaman
akhirat jua akan sungguhnya
Kedua ibu-bapa tak boleh derhaka
Besar jasanya kepada kita
Jika derhaka bahaya menimpa
Kelak di akhirat masuk neraka
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