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Ahmad Scissorhand - A Spooky Story to Be Told

To begin with, this is not a place for the weak and faint hearts…
Deyanna Deraman, Full Moon & Little Girl, Mixed Media
Unless, you are ready for a hair-raising experience and tingle down your spine…followed by gasping spooks and sleepless nights…
I was bewildered, assuring myself that it was indeed an astounding discovery of a lifetime after spending a cold, creepy evening in that dark-lit gallery. 
Syafiq Hariz, The Fool, Acrylic on canvas
And it was true; despite the gloominess…I was completely swept away by the mind-blowing sightings of creativity in such incredible approaches.
Remember the movie Edward Scissorhands? Directed by Tim Burton, the film shows the story of an artificial man which is an unfinished creation…who has scissors for hand! Dark, gothic art…weird-looking characters… all came to live to give you all the creeps!
Intelligently adapted the concept from the movie, our Malaysian artists have reinvented their own version and name it ‘Ahmad Scissorhand’…whereby the artists release their conflicted emotions and accumulation of experiences to their masterpieces which are currently displayed in Core Design Gallery. Believe it or not, the gallery is entirely transformed into a haunted space… and one is able to witness different media like paintings, sculptures, installations, sketches and electronic art to uncover the collision of fantasy and reality!
Now, take a seat, let the curtains roll up...and be prepared to feel the thrills…

Do you have phasmophobia or the fear of ghosts? Ashriq Sudin’s piece of work is telling us that this strange phobia is mostly influenced by watching excessive horror movies or brushing across any form of paranormal activities. If you observe in detail, it is actually a TV with crawling hands protruding out from the evil box….to get us!

Ashriq Sudin, Phasmo(me)phobia, Mixed Media
However, as Ashriq believes that most of the phobias can be traced back to a specific triggering event, usually a traumatic experience at an early age. Eeer…I have to admit I have this phobia too; therefore I could not put myself to watch any horror-related incidents anymore! 

I was then led by Miss Scarlette to the backyard, and when the LED lights were switched on, I got the frights of my life to see a machine-like hand grabbing a human skull! Putting the fear aside, I realised this artwork was so creatively constructed! A mighty collaboration of Hilal Mazlan and Syafiq Ali’am, I feel that they are portraying that how modern technology has absorbed the life out of humans…and our minds are under obnoxious control to perform robot-like, inhumane actions for the chase for materialism. 
Hilal Mazlan & Syafiq Ali'am, Post Human: Man & Machine, Mechanical parts, stainless crylic sheet, hose tube, bolts & nuts, LED, pendaflour lamp
Another masterpiece that made my heart almost stopped…. was this mesmerising piece from Aely Manaf. As soon as my eyes met this painting, I felt a sense of bonding between us. I got to know that Aely created this portrait to express his thoughts of many modern women who rise up from their shell of domestic responsibilities to venture into the challenging career world outside. As for his choice of bold colours on the canvas, it is an act of appreciation of women’s multiple roles in this current era.

Aely Manaf, Expression 1, Ink on canvas
Back to the spooky story, I was dumbfounded when I looked at this lonesome artwork by Faizal Suhif. His work reminds us that everyone cannot escape death despite the erratic rat race of the material world. Alas…we will be return to earth and be part of it….

Faizal Suhif, Potret Sepi, Charcoal, Pastel on Canvas
Next, this is an artwork made from steel wire. This art piece shows that the cycle of human life is much confined in a nest. A person who is not exposed to the world outside will always have shallow thoughts… and will always be tangled-up in his own shell forever. It’s time to break free from the comfort zone, isn’t it?
Jamil Zakaria, Nest of Life, Steel wire

Wait… let me ask you a question. Have you ever put your ears to the wall and listen to the sounds beneath it? Have you ever wondered what is behind…and perhaps…there is a life inside?
Raja Lope Rasydi, Behind My Wall 1, Mixed Media
Artist Raja Lope is asking us to face the greatest fear in life. Fear from traumatic experiences will keep on haunting us if we choose to succumb into escapism. Nevertheless… one has to stand tough and overcome all the fears inside our heart!
There’s too much stories to be told but I prefer that you see them with your very own eyes. Feel every of the artworks with your soul… and come back to tell me a different story, won’t you? 

Ahmad Scissorhand is currently exhibited at Core Design Gallery till 17th June 2012.

The haunting begins...for you....
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