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KL Lifestyle Art Space - The Reflections of A Suave Lifestyle

My encounter with KL Lifestyle Art Space in Tropicana Mall was a pure love at first sight. Bedazzled by the spatial concept of a modern lifestyle which emphasized on space, form and functionality, it had dawned on me that this is the place that I am searching for a very long time. Like a giddy goat, I slowly breezed through the esteemed art gallery and noticed that a plenty of marvelous artworks were displayed in a unique connotation which blended in perfectly with the gallery’s interior design.

As a curious writer, I couldn’t put my eyes off the inimitable-looking chamber which seemingly laid its magical spells to lure me into the great unknown. As the doors were cracked open, the engrossing artworks by renowned artists such as Ismail Mat Husin, Nik Rafin and Khalil Ibrahim appeared into the thin air. Other that that, the neatly-arranged paperworks, batik arts and copy of magazine clippings could easily enticed a casual visitor to be trapped in the realm of artistic imagination for hours. Out from the lovely chamber, I observed there was a reading corner with copies of KL Lifestyle Magazine and also our so-much-loved ArtMalaysia Magazine too! 

Do you know there’s another gallery branch in Jalan Maarof? I have yet to lay my solemn steps there; could anybody provide me some insights about it? Before my thoughts gone astray to my fairyland, catch up the happening events by KL Lifestyle Art Space via its website, Do come back and tell me if you find something that can stir my interest! Chaos!
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