Art Talk

Episode 5 - Creating Colors of Cambodia
By Martin Bradley

Journeying to Singapore was largely uneventful. At the Forum (Orchard Road), American Bill had given his permission to go ahead with the book. It was a great relief. Shoulders relaxed, sighs were heaved, and inner smiles radiated.
It was a go. Honey Khor smiled her biggest smile ever. Such was Honey’s joy of the book’s approval that her eyes twinkled and she practically shone. Cool, calm, inquisitive Bill was entirely professional.  He brought the best out of us. He made us explain what we were doing and where we were going with the Colors of Cambodia book and exhibition project.


Singapore rained. It was a welcome rain, a cooling rain which brought forth the right kind of intimacy needed for an interview about Bill’s involvement with Colors of Cambodia. By the time frothy, milky, teas and American styled cappuccinos were taken, the rain had stopped, and much relief was felt. Honey, not having access to her black SUV, dashed lady-like in her black high heels, towards the local MRT (LRT), swinging her oversized back containing those paper and book samples which had so wowed Bill. On the bus back to JB, Honey gazed meditatively out the window, relieved, but tired.

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