Art Talk

Wei-Ling Gallery - Precious Little Pieces
By Swee Chin PAN

11AM - 2PM 
@ Wei-Ling Gallery (Brickfields)

Yin Yen Sum's We Are Strong When We Stay Together

A breakfast opening – what a brilliant idea! It must be a first, for Wei-Ling at least, and it was. She confirmed. No traffic jams as it was a Saturday morning and everyone just breezed in and out casually. And there was no official opening to rush for either. 

Alina Rastam, Tan Li Lian and Grace Chin

Wei-Ling with Judith and Derek Stott

Even the concept is a great one – celebrating art in the miniature. This is not a new concept of course. In existence for many centuries now, miniature art is often very detailed work taking as long or even longer to produce as a large piece of art. For many of the artists in this exhibition, established and emerging alike, this is a first for them. The medium for this gathering of 30 artists include mixed media, glass and steel, drawings, paintings, aluminium and copper, collages – there is a bit of everything. Precious Little Pieces is perfect for first time collectors as this is a great opportunity for them to pick up small art pieces at affordable prices by some of Malaysia’s most talented artists: 
Muhammed Nizar Sulaiman, Wan Mohd Zulkiflie, Shahrul Munir Kaulan, Rosliza Abdul Rahim, Daniel Brinsmead, Aznan Omar, Tan Chee Hon, Wong Chee Meng, Shia Yih Ying, Nur Ghaina Shah, Yenny Ng Chiau Yen, Ruzzeki Harris, Suhaila, Delphine Gomez, Daud, Ali Bebit, Kek Yee Boon, Chieng Tam, Cheong Kiet Cheng, Zuraimi, Sarip, Atiya Hasan, Anurendra Jegadeva, Yim Yen Sum, Mei-Yin Liong, Yau Bee Ling, Choy Chun Wei, Diana Ibrahim, Saharudin Supar, Lisa Ahmad.

Anurendra with his Favourite Things

Aznan Omar's aluminium cast hangings

Daniel Brinsmead's mixed media

Mei Yin Leong's mixed media on canvas

It was lovely seeing some of the pieces in the sunlight in the rustic three-storey shop-house gallery. For those who have not been to Wei-Ling’s, go see how the interior has been modified to become an art gallery – it is worth the trip itself! 
Yau Bee Ling's Promising Gifts

Though there were only a handful of artists present at the opening, it was indeed a very enjoyable way to spend a Saturday morning chit chatting with friends, appreciating art – all while enjoying a delicious breakfast of nasi lemak and Indian vegetarian food – dosai and idly were on offer with dhal, coconut chutney, vegetarian chicken and curry mixed vegetables. And for dessert, there was kueh and ondeh-ondeh!                                              
Precious Little Pieces features at Wei-Ling Gallery from the 9th March -10th April 2012
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