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What do most people do during Mother

What do most people do during Mother's Day? For the food lovers, they will most probably bring her out for a sumptuous meal. For the artistically inclined, perhaps they will bring her for a musical with a  bouquet of flowers. For the practical-minded, they could get her the latest gadget that can make house chores a breeze.

Madam Low reflecting on her painting

If one is creative, the possibilities are endless indeed. How about organizing an art exhibition for your mum! Recently I was moved by a unique expression of children's love for their mother as the children of Madam Low gathered together to exhibit their mother's art work in honour of her.  A son helped transport and set up the panels while a daughter handled the logistics. Another son, who is an accountant,  flew back and handled the sales and proceeds.  

Amazing turn up of supporters in Seremban

Opening speech by YB Dato' Yu

Welcome speech by daughter Karen

Ribbon cutting ceremony

Presenting a gift to pastor

Presenting a gift to YB Dato' Yu

Support from friends of Madam Low

YB Dato' Yu enjoying the art by Karen and Madam Low

One of her daughters, Karen,  who was instrumental in motivating her mum to pick up drawing three years ago after going through some major surgery, coordinated the event and donated the proceeds of her paintings to a church and an orphanage. What better gift the children can give than gathering together as a family, expressing their love to their parents through shared celebration, giving to the needy and inspiring others to be creative and selfless in honouring their parents.   

Karen standing beside her mentor artist Peter Liew & friends
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