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An Artistic Tribute to Alisia Wan

Alisia Wan’s Journey


Lights are dimmed…gallery is transformed into a stunning catwalk and charming models clad in exotic-themed pieces emerge from thin air to impress the crowd from all walks of life.

Do you remember those nostalgic moments?
Song of Nature (6), Mixed Media
Gone are the days of sweet surprises by the late Alisia Wan who always enlightens all of us with her inspiring artworks accompanied with ever-creative fashion shows from Alisia’s own collections.
Alisia Wan's Biography, written by Dr. Chung Yi
As a tribute to Alisia, Galeri Dunia Seni Lukis is exhibiting her masterpieces to everyone who seeks to capture a final glimpse of her previous works… and feel the sentiments of honour to recapture Alisia’s glory days of being a passionate crystal collector who also actively dabbles in art.

A minute of silence for Alisia's remembrance 

Mr. Tew Nai Tong and the other invited guests
Officiated by Mr. Tew Nai Tong, the exhibition displays an array of crystal artworks which were delicately created by Alisia by combining colourful stones with canvas to produce awe-inspiring and vibrant collage masterpieces.

Song of Nature(2), Mixed Media

Pretty Eyes series

Pretty Eyes (1), Mixed Media

Alisia once quoted, “Crystal collecting and appreciation is an interesting art, as it stimulates creativity and adds colour and excitement to our lives, and at the same time inspires my many creations that pay tribute to this amazing gift of Mother Nature,”

Nature's Creation (10), Mixed Media

Eyes in the Mirror , Mixed Media
Obtaining precious stones from China, Australia and Brazil, Alisia often found herself being amused by fascinating colours and textures, thus sparked her interest to form all her artworks.

Crystal Era

Country Side View
“The ever changing natural charm, shapes and spectrum of colours with countless possibilities of naturally formed patterns and fibres draw me into this natural wonder, and open my heart and mind” quipped Alisia.
Alisia's collections on sale
Observe her enchanting works and you will find yourself wandering into Alisia’s heart and soul by looking through her life experiences…
Martin Bradley, Pei Yeou Bradley & Mavis Tang

Angel Angoh & Irena Wong

Alisia's works on publications

“A beautiful garden now stands alone,
missing the one who nurtured it
But now she is gone,
Her flowers still bloom, and the sun it still shines,
But the rain is like tear drops, for the ones left behind,
The weeds lay waiting to take the gardens beauty away,
But the beautiful memories of its keeper are in our hearts to stay. “
’ Barbara Bailey’

Alisia Wan may be gone from our lives but her beautiful, artistic contributions will never be forgotten as she continues to enlighten the life of ours and her loved ones. 

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