Art Talk

Episode 15 - Creating Colors of Cambodia
By Martin Bradley

Things were going at the fullest tilt possible. Impatient fingers thrummed tables, hasty phone-calls were made enquiring what had happened, then, as if a lifetime later - the long awaited parcel – containing a print-out of our book manuscript, arrived from the US of A.

After a moment of nervous anticipation, our American editor’s crucial red alterations, critical comments, and superior suggestions were eagerly pored over. Every minute change was noted and sometimes included within the book – A Story of Colors of Cambodia. Pretty soon the manuscript was updated, sections re-arranged, and one or two visual elements tweaked. Then the final keyboard key had clattered. The final amendment was added. The last section of the Indesign file was finished, and so too was - the book, finally and at last.

There was no rapturous applause. No fanfare. No sounding of trumpets, just the faint whir of the computer fan as the final edit was performed, finishing the last section of the book. The document was saved in four places – just in case, and then it was handed over to San San to tidy the whole thing up, bless her. And there it was done – another success for Honey Khor et al.

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