Art Talk

Body Painting, Dance and Music - Long Looi and I
By Ee Lene

As part of growing up in a family art gallery (The Art Gallery, Penang), I had the opportunity to meet many artists, art collectors/lovers and art promoters, and getting to know them in a personal level.  Many asked me about my personal encounters with the artist. I shall start with one of my favourite artist whom I feel a personal connection with.

King of the Fruit, 1996, mixed media on canvas

I first met Mr Lee Long Looi and his wife, Kim in 1995.  I was still a teenager then and instantly fell in love with his artworks… with just a few simple strokes with the right shades and colours, he turns blank paper/canvas into one or several beautiful females faces/figures with sweet expression of mother and daughters, sisters, or families.

Moment of Yes, 2007-8, mixed media on canvas

Waiting 2, 2003, serigraph on canvas
What made me bond stronger with Long Looi was when I discovered that he creates his own music to get into the momentum of expressing his artworks. Many a times when we were together, he will be making up his own music, singing while he draws on a napkin or anything he can find. He knows I love dancing but unfortunately I am not a dancer but we made a pact that one day we shall perform in public.

Our special bonding

And dreams do really come true, as we did it in Art Expo 2010, whereby he created his own music making unique sounds and hand clapping while I dance to his creation on music and he painted using my limbs and clothes as his canvas.

Close up

First performance with some belly dance influence

Long Looi's wife, Kim joining in the fun

Moving on to the skirt
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