Art Talk

Episode 17 - Creating Colors of Cambodia
By Martin Bradley

The book was safely at the printers. It was time Honey turned her attention back to promoting the event – the launching of the book on the 14th October at Glenmarie, Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur.

There were dinners to attend, slideshows to beam and people to smile nicely to. Honey reconnected with her old network of friends and business acquaintances, urging them assist in the sales of the Hi-Tea vouchers (RM50 each). It was a trying time.

Banners were to be printed; vouchers were to be printed as were posters and press releases to be sent out. The work seemed endless. Honey beavered away at her laptop, her hand phone and met person after person urging them to help sell the Hi-Tea vouchers.

Slowly the printing was done. The press releases sent, it was just those few remaining Hi-Tea vouchers that remained. It was time for Honey to put herself into top gear. Like the professional she is, Honey depressed her clutch and rammed herself into fifth gear. She sped off like a red Lamborghini, practically all thrust and torc. Her determination was second to none; watch out Mr Business man Honey is on top form and is after your donations.  

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