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Cirque Du Freak - More Than a Tinge of Horror

Looking for spooky tingles at the back of your neck? Donning the peculiar theme of fear of battling with inner wits, Core Design Gallery’s very own version of ‘Cirque du Freak’ denotes something more than just weird and mind-boggling connotations.

The title carries the meaning of ‘circus of freaks’, a title closely embedded to the hearts of four emerging artists and their own individually unique worlds of imagination. Be whisked away by the reality which collides with fantasy beyond any comprehensible human mind, as you wander along the hollow pathways of the designated area. The soul-searching contemporary art by Raja Lope Razydidi, Syam Asmawi, Ali Nurazmal and Faizal Suhif would certainly make the entire journey worthwhile as one dwells into the realms of audacity and mental maze.
The concave tone of the exhibition is further enhanced with the spectacular interior design which emits the feeling of isolation at its own ease and pace. In a nutshell, Core Design Gallery has definitely succeeded in creating the desired sizzle to attract audience from all walks of life.

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Credits: Ms. Scarlett Lee for her heartwarming efforts during the interview with ArtMalaysia.
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