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Photography Exhibition - Smile

“In life, it's easy to live in your own little bubble, consumed with yourself. You not only disconnect from the world, you ultimately disconnect from yourself. Look up and outside yourself. Connect to the world outside of you. Only then can you flourish.”

Hamid Soltanabadian, Lonely
Wait, the BIG question is how do you want to connect to the outside world? How would you overcome your own limitations?
Hamid Soltanabadian, House of Sand and Fog

Perhaps, your still imagination can be ignited by meeting this highly-inspiring team of Iranian cyclist photographers led by three multitalented core members, Hamid Soltanabadian, Farid Dolatabadi and Mohammad Adibi. Maximising their youth with full-force enthusiasm, the group kickstarted their cycling expedition to explore the historically famous Silk Road and around Asia from their homeland, Iran since four months back. 
Heard of Silk Road or Silk Route? In case you don’t know, it actually refers to a historical network of interlinking trade routes across the Afro-Eurasian landmass that connected East, South, and Western Asia with the Mediterranean and European world, as well as parts of North and East Africa. I’s a mind-blowing fact, isn’t it? That’s more; Silk Road covers a super duper long terrain as far as 4,000 miles (6,500km)!

As acclaimed, Iran is the most important country along Silk Road and the fame of that Road has been constantly been accredited to the name of Iran. 
Silk Road implies a continuous journey; though very few who travelled the route traversed it from end to end.

Therefore, this adventurous cyclist team is hyped-up to use the overland routes, closely following the ancient routes while dropping by the countries along the Road. 
Their noble intentions : 
  • Deliver friendship and peace messages of Iranian people to the countries along the Silk Road
  • Record documentaries and pictures of the people, culture, life and historical sites of the countries on the road
  • Promote the culture of travelling by bicycle among youths
  • Setting up photo exhibitions to other countries to exhibit Iranian culture to the world

Hamid Soltanabadian, Smile

Hamid Soltanabadian, War Games

Hold on, you must  meet these three handsome musketeers, Persian cyclist photographers first!

Hamid Soltanabadian

Farid Dolatabadi 

Mohammad Adibi
Have you ever heard of ‘wind catchers’? The buildings in the Iranian desert are equipped with air traps and arched roofs to function as cooling systems in traditional Iranian architecture. The purpose is to cater to the dry climates during summer whereby it is very warm in daytime and nights being eerily cold.
Mohammad Adibi, Untitled

This is a boy inside a dovecote. Appearing as a square standing structures build into the end of a house or barn, this place contain pigeonholes for the birds to nest. 
Mohammad Adibi, Untitled

I guess, a photograph speaks a thousand words…The woman in this seemingly unique costume belongs to a nomad group in Iran and she moves with her tribe from one place to another every different season! Wow..I never knew such culture still exists now..I’m totally flabbergasted!
Hamid Soltanabadian, Untitled

What is she doing in sheer darkness? Oh, this traditional housewife who is living in a suburb area is actually making Persian most famous crispy homemade bread! 
Hamid Soltanabadian, Untitled

A great masterpiece showing the magnificent interior of a traditional house

Award-winning photograph by Hamid Soltanabadian, Shepherd Boy

This 'Smile' exhibition is still showing at Cube Gallery till 11th May 2012, who is interested to drop by for a visit before they pack up and continue their expedition to Indonesia?? Maybe you can come back and tell me a different story?

In a nutshell, I always believe that you do not fall off unless you stop pedaling, and most important thing is that you enjoy the ride and you get to where you need to go! Agree? 

A great quote to end the day :"Life is like a riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving!" Albert Einstein.

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