Art Talk

By Swee Chin PAN


8 PM
I enjoyed the varied style of the artworks presented by the 6 artists featured in this group exhibition. There is no theme.

As you enter, on the left Skinner’s pen and ink drawings greet you. Next to these, in contrast to the mainly black and white artworks of Skinner’s, are Harold ‘Egn’ Eswar’s colourful ‘tribalistic street art’. Though colourful, Egn’s artworks hold much deeper meanings. To fully appreciate both of these two artists’ artworks, they need to be viewed in the flesh. Here is Skinner with his favourite drawing - I had to force him to choose one as he loves all of them! Egn was unfortunately not around.

 Skinner with Sincerely We Citizens

Across on the other side are the remaining four artists’ works. Here they are all captured with their favourite pieces.

Azimuddin Abd Manaf with Lagenda Malaysia

Hafiz Hajeedar with What Would You Do....

Lyia Meta with Beatitude

Shyevin S'ng with Volendam

 I was hoping Azimuddin would choose the P Ramlee painting as I am a big fan. And the title Lagenda Malaysia is so apt! Don’t you agree?

Though Shyevin S’ng is captured with her oil painting of Amsterdam, her other 3 works on display are of the impasto painting technique. And I believe a popular technique in Vietnam where she is based. Nice!  

Jamal Al-Idrus & Sharmin Parameswaran with the 5 artists present

Chally Lim & Jann Lim

Kah Mein & Mike Leong

Leila Rahman, Natasha & Delia Yahya

Matthew, Zia Zia & Jon

Nazrein Zakaria, Datin S. Majni, Dato' Hajeedar Majid & John Skelchy

Shen, Restu & Sufyan
 Shyevin, Sheryl & Pyng

In my brief chat with Lyia, I found out that her father and a sister are painters. And so is Hafiz’s father. I am convinced - talent is definitely in the genes and runs in the family! Not only is Hafiz’s father, Dato’ Hajeedar Majid, a painter, he was part of the Wednesday Art group! He was the child artist in the group! Artemis Art fortunately had a copy of Peter Harris: Founder of the Wednesday Art Group, published by The Art Gallery Penang, in the gallery. We flicked through it and there were photographs of him as a lad in it. What a lovely piece of history to discover that evening! But the art world was not the path Dato’ Hajeedar chose to take, he trained as an architect instead.
Apart from, Lyia and Skinner, the artists are fulltime. Lyia is an active singer-songwriter, whilst Skinner is an IT manager in an ad agency. And he specially created the token gift for the guest of honour, Ms Sharmin Parameswaran of interper8 art space, who officially opened the exhibition. Don’t you love the colour?

This exhibition is not on for long, so head on down to the Publika to view this lovely variety of works.
Emergence will on at Artemis Art until Wednesday, 7 November 2012
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