Art Talk

Episode 13 - Creating Colors of Cambodia
By Martin Bradley

Lunching with designers, printers, gallery managers and event personnel had become second nature to Honey. Like Wonder Woman, Honey discarded her kittenish dark sunglasses and donned her business specs in the mere twinkling of an eye, ready to get down to serious business – without even smudging her Stila lip-glaze.

It was simply amazing! People seemed to fall over themselves to help Honey Khor - perhaps it was her innate magnetism, her captivating charm, or perhaps her genuinely warm-hearted altruism which drew like minds to her and her project. Whatever the reason, people simply flocked to ensure that the charity book project was going to be successful.

As well as fleeting hither and thither around Kuala Lumpur, and her excursions abroad to ensure the success of her charity book project, Honey was beavering away at myriad illustrations for the book itself. Honey had parked the well used SUV, picked up her Winsor & Newton brush, and set to work on water-colour paper. Let us not forget – Honey Khor is an artist too, and not just a business woman. The new ink and water-colour illustrations reveal the humorous side to her nature, and give a friendly face to the charity book itself.

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