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THE DOOR: UiTM Degree Showcase 2012
By Swee Chin PAN


 8 PM
@ House of MATAHATI (HOM)
I finally made it to an opening at HOM that Saturday evening. Since I was in the neighbourhood that day, I had no excuse. After all, it was a Hari Raya celebration as well.
Seven new graduates from Universiti Institut Teknologi Mara, Shah Alam, namely: Haidir Wasli, Hisyamuddin Abdullah, Manisah Daud, Siti Noraini Saleh, Nurul Shahida Ibrahim, Shafiq Nordin and Shikh Khaidir Ahmad, have been chosen by HOM to showcase their works. They each had to submit three pieces, and these three pieces are being sold as a set. So if you like only one of the three pieces, you are stuck with the other two – which may not be a bad thing really. You will have more to sell when the chosen artist becomes famous! 

Chin Kong Yee, Pakhruddin & Kow Leong Kiang

Farid Raihan Ahmad, Baktiar Naim & Firdaus@Why

Mysarah & Chibi

Qasim Riza Shaheen & Intan Rafiza

Unfortunately, not all seven artists were present that evening, only five were there and here they are posing with their favourite pieces. Mixed media appeared to be the most popular and used on various surfaces.
Hisyamuddin Abdullah’s chosen medium is oil on canvas and on wood. And his subject matter is his father. How more filial can one be?

Hisyamuddin Abdullah with Father Nature
Shafiq Nordin uses mixed media on aluminium for his artworks. No prizes for guessing whose face that is in his favourite piece!

 Shafiq Nordin with The Planner

Masinah Daud obviously loves botany and she uses mixed media on plywood. Her pieces are huge – this piece is 107 x 76 cm! I love the star created by the 5 panels!

 Masinah Daud with The Remains of the Green Realm

Shikh Khaidir Ahmad’s oil works are inspired by silat (traditional martial art) where movements are influenced by animals and nature.

 Shikh Khaidir Ahmad with Seleng Si Naga Cula

Siti Noraini Saleh uses both watercolour and mixed media for her paintings. And her theme in this exhibition is Demi Masa (In the Name of Time).

 Siti Noraini Saleh with Mengejar Yang Abadi

Bayu Utomo Radjikin, one of the founders of HOM said a few words and introduced the new graduate artists present, as well as Mae Aguinaldo from the Philippines, an artist under HOM’s Open Residency Programme. He also announced a new Co-Director of HOM, Nur Hanim Khairuddin, who I must say, speaks very well!

Bayu Utomo Radjikin

Mae, Shikh, Shafiq, Hisyamuddin, Masinah & Siti Noraini

It was a well attended evening with people popping in at all times, enjoying the hospitality offered under the canopy outside the shop-house gallery. When I left at 11.30 pm, there were still many guests enjoying themselves chit chatting and eating. This is what I love about Malaysia – open house festival celebrations!
The Door will be on at HOM until 22 September 2012
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