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Motherland : Water-based Media by 20 Malaysian Artists


There’s nothing more beautiful than the ubiquitous picture of Malaysians holding hands, portraying endless harmony. Such special sentiments about the tolerance and acceptances among different individuals that are truly heart moving – to look past our colours only to see that we are all standing on the same soil we call home. 

Motherland’s group exhibition is like a real calling to all Malaysians to treasure the unforgettable beauty of our nation. Our cultures, values, and even down to our usage of the languages are indeed vibrant and colourful. 
The leader, Chin Kon Yit is the great mastermind who welcomes an array of techniques; from landscapes both rural and urban to figures and still life. I couldn’t help but to express my ‘wow’ moments as my innate self floats through Galeri Dunia Seni Lukis to be completely swept away by a huge variety of painting styles. Name it and you find it! From representational to abstract, from detailed to casual and free broad washes, as well as graphical artworks!

(third from right) Guest of Honour, YB Cikgu Lee Kim Sin with the artists 

Chin Kon Yit and the artists

If you have not forgotten your roots, whereby memories of home always come gushing back no matter where you are… drop by the gallery and show your fullest support to these twenty multitalented artists:
Chiew Cheng Hwa, Chin Kon Yit, Foo Jong Hoi, Goh Siao Shan, Koh Shim Luen, Khor Pei Yeou (Honey), Lee Yi Hui (Faerie), Lim Kok Hong, Loh Soon Teik, Mah Ai Ching, Min Yin Thant, Oh Chow Moy, Pua Lian Ho, Seah Cheng Guan, Siow Yin Yoong, Tan Sik Yaw, Tan Yew Chong (Ken), Ung Mooi Leng, Wong Han Chong, and Yeoh Choon Seng. 


Siow Yin Yoong with her version of Motherland 

Goh Siao Shan and his favourite landscapes 
Chiew Cheng Hwa with his Circumstance Series

Wong Han Chong and his Rhythm of Sunshine

Loh Soon Teik and his Latex Series
“Malaysia is the only home I’ll ever know. It has given me the best childhood a child could ever ask for, it has given me the sense of humour only a Malaysian can acquire, it has blessed me with a palate refined by the assortment of herbs and spices incorporated in our cuisine but mostly it has gave me an identity I can call my own. A Malaysian and a proud one at that!” quipped by a loyal Malaysian. 

Oh Chow May with her all-time favourite, Lada Jarum Hulu Dong
Ung Mooi Leng and her Street Scenes 

Nature-lover, Koh Shim Luen with Siesta Series
Tan Yew Chong with his fine strokes of landscape paintings.

Yeoh Choon Seng and his much-loved boats

Khor Pei Yeou with  Mother's Love

Although the nation has progressed vastly since its independence, I’m deeply fascinated by the overwhelming patriotism of the artists who could boldly stand up on their feet to remind all of us that Malaysia is the only place that we truly belong. 

Motherland group exhibition is now showing at Galeri Dunia Seni Lukis from 26 March 2012 till 1 April 2012. 

Don't ever miss this marvellous and uplifting exhibition, dearest Malaysians! 
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