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Towards Serenity - G13 Gallery
By Nikki Liaw

Towards Serenity

If some peace-of-mind is what you're looking for away from the hubbub of work and the city, there's no better place for a dose of artistic tranquility than at G13 Gallery in Kelana Square.
Featuring artworks by 5 renowned Malaysian artists: Keng Seng Choo , Fong Kim Sing, Calvin Chua, Tean Wei Gin and A.S. Kang, it was launched by Ambassador Dato' Mohd Yusof Ahmad, Director General of the National Visual Arts Gallery just last Sunday.

So where do we find serenity? Where do we seek solace? To these artists, the answers can be found mostly in Mother Nature and in moments. Have you figured out what all these artists have in common? Yes, not only are they adept painters, they all hail from the beautiful rice bowl of the nation, Kedah Darul Aman, aptly translated as the Abode of Peace. What better artists to address this topic than those who have lived it?
From top left: Tean Wei Gin's Whispering Flower (2012); Calvin Chua's Swing (2011); Fong Kim Sing's Kuala Series (1997)
Calvin Chua's idyllic depictions of childhood pasttimes in his River Series certainly do evoke a sense of nostalgia for the carefree moments of youth, where the serenity of memory is preserved. Keng Seng Choo's stylized women figures echo a rural lifestyle of sleepy peacefullness in earthen tones and delicate faces that are nothing less than serene. A.S. Kang's koi fishes ripple and flow with gentle ease in the painted water, reminding us that serenity can be found in the simple things, and in the living.
Fong Kim Sing's trademark lotuses bask in romantic moonlight and floating mist; looking beyong Fong's lotuses he has also painted moments such as in the Kuala Series (1997) and the mystical Perarakan Bendera (2009), all in the fantastical hues of serenity. Tean Wei Gin finds more beauty in dainty blossoms that appear like stars scattered on velvet leaves, perhaps telling us that we don't have to look far to seek serenity, we just have to look closer at what is before us. 

Towards Serenity is a balm for the tired soul, as these artists paint towards their ideal version of harmony, they bring us along for the ride to enjoy their vision and skill. The exhibition will be on until 13 May, do drop by and enjoy G13's expanded gallery space as well! 
Of course, our full coverage in ArtMalaysia Magazine Issue 19, out in June 2012!
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